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Planglow launches new compostable coffee cups

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Core tips:Disposable tableware machine Planglow has launched a range of compostable cups to address the coffee cup debate.

Available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz’s sizes, The Botanical Collection is a chic and colourful new range of cups.

The compostable packaging and labelling firm said the double walled construction keeps drinks hot and is made from entirely plant based materials. This includes an EN13432 certified liner so, unlike PE lined products, these cups may be recycled along with food waste making them a fully compostable solution, according to Rachael Sawtell, Planglow’s marketing director.Double PE coated paper cup manufacturing machine is used to produce double PE coated film paper cup,which the quality of paper cups is lighter and there is no risk of damage compared with glass bottle cups.It is easy to dispose of waste and to recycle and saving resources.
       double PE coated film paper cup machine
       “As highlighted by the BBC’s Hugh’s War on Waste most coffee cups are unsuitable for recycling due to their plastic liners which are tricky to remove,” said Sawtell. “At Planglow we offer an environmentally friendly alternative. Free of oil based plastics all of our bio cup solutions are – and always have been – made from 100% plant based materials so that even our laminates and lids will break down in a composting environment without leaving any harmful residues.”She added that the simple fact is most paper-based packaging becomes unsuitable for recycling the moment food or drink absorbs into the paper contaminating the paper stock for future use. A plastic laminate or coating protects the paper against oils and other substances but it can be tricky, if not impossible, to remove.

“For this reason we recommend that food providers consider compostable products such as ours which are also less dependent on the waste recycling services operated by their local authority.”
       paper cup forming machine
       There is another paper cup made by
single PE coeted paper cup forming machine except ultrasonic double PE coated paper cup making machine.They have different forms of expression. On the side of the cup containing water made of single-sided PE film coated paper has a smooth PE film .The inside and outside of the paper cup made of double-sided PE film coated paper have PE film.They all are disposable paper cup.
       double PE film coated paper cup machine           disposable paper cup


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