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Qingdao Foreign Trade From 0 to 115 billion, how much is contributed by the machinery industry!

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Core tips:Diaper machine From the trade-off town of the ancient maritime Silk Road to one of the five major trading ports that were first opened in modern times, to the country's first coastal open cities and foreign trade port cities... Qingdao has always been an important
From the trade-off town of the ancient maritime Silk Road to one of the five major trading ports that were first opened in modern times, to the country's first coastal open cities and foreign trade port cities... Qingdao has always been an important foreign trade port of China. However, before the reform and opening up, because Qingdao did not have the right to operate foreign trade, the foreign trade business model of the city's Diaper machine at this stage mainly provided the export goods to the central and Shandong foreign trade companies, and the self-operated foreign trade volume was zero. Today, Qingdao's international trade volume has exceeded 100 billion US dollars, and it is the first in the country to implement the "three-in-one" modern international trade index system. The 40-year open process has drawn a road map for Qingdao's foreign trade.
$115 billion. This is the data of Qingdao International Trade in 2017.
Born by the sea and prospered by trade, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Qingdao's foreign trade started from zero, and now it has occupied an important seat in the top 100 foreign trade cities. Qingdao's foreign trade development has been on the rise, drawing a bright rising curve. .
Opening the memory of the annual ring, the path of Qingdao's foreign trade development is clearly visible.
Initially, Qingdao's foreign trade started from the “three to one supplement” processing trade.
In 1979, it was an important dividing line with epoch-making significance in the history of Qingdao's foreign trade.
In June of this year, Qingdao Taidong Arts & Crafts Factory and Hong Kong Warburg Company signed the first contract for processing materials in Shandong Province, welcoming the “first order” for foreign trade. Diaper machine manufacturer
Quanzhou diaper machine manufacturer Also in June of this year, Qingdao's first compensation trade project contract was signed by Shandong Textile import and Export Corporation and Japan Itowan Co., Ltd.
In 1987, at the American Appraisal on the other side of the ocean, a beer from Qingdao conquered the judges of the whole team and won the reputation of “Queen of Beer” in the United States as a champion.
It was during this year that Tsingtao Brewery was granted the right to import and export, and became the first domestic manufacturer to directly import and export business. Tsingtao Brewery broke the fastest growth of 380 imported beer sales in the United States. Record.
Not just Tsingtao beer. With the import and export of foreign trade, more and more Qingdao brands such as Haier, Hisense and Aucma have gone abroad, and have won a world in the global market. They have also won the reputation of “Brand Capital” for Qingdao.
In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization, and Qingdao opened its doors to a new era of development.
In the decade from 2002 to 2011, the total volume of Qingdao's imports and exports increased at an average annual rate of 19.1%.
In 2013, Qingdao launched the construction of the International Trade Center City, and took the lead in proposing new ideas for promoting the integration of domestic and foreign trade.
In the following five years, Qingdao's exports have achieved a rare and upside-down trend, becoming the only city in the country's five cities with separate plans.
Along with the continuous development of the open economy, more and more Chinese companies have already stood on the stage of the world and participated in the division and cooperation of the global value chain. This has led to significant changes in the form, structure and scale of China's foreign trade.
At this time, the city of Qingdao deepened the reform and opening up, actively explored the establishment of a new open economy system, and explored the trial of modern international trade operation mechanism.
In 2016, under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, Qingdao took the lead in launching the “Trinity” modern international trade operation system to comprehensively promote the integration of trade in goods, services, and foreign investment.
In this year, the total amount of Qingdao's international trade entered the 100 billion US dollar mark for the first time, reaching US$105 billion, which has the significance of “milestone” and laid the foundation for the next economic development. In 2017, Qingdao's total international trade reached US$115 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14%.
Today, Qingdao has entered the ranks of international metropolises. “Qingdao Manufacturing”, “Qingdao Service” and “Overseas Qingdao” have become a new business card for Qingdao, the “brand capital”, which is famous both at home and abroad.
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