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Redlily Sanitary Napkin: Alternative Warm Men's "Love Trading"

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Redlily Sanitary Napkin: Alternative Warm Men's "Love Trading" Huang Siyuan, 90, Virgo, 7 years of work experience, worked in such well-known magazines as "Contemporary Manager", "Entrepreneurship", and served as the
Redlily Sanitary napkin: Alternative Warm Men's "Love Trading"
Huang Siyuan, 90, Virgo, 7 years of work experience, worked in such well-known magazines as "Contemporary Manager", "Entrepreneurship", and served as the head of the state-owned enterprise department... because the characteristics of the body are called "Yellow" by friends around me. Chubby." If you are surprised by such a 90, then there are more "strange" tags behind this young man: the founder of Lodi Technology, the product is a Sanitary napkin called Redlily. As early as 2011, Huang Xiaopeng had done an e-commerce project called Beibei. Because of various reasons, Luodi Technology was his third venture. As an entrepreneurial "veteran" in the Internet industry, the young Huang Xiaopang has lost the confusion of entrepreneurship in the past, and replaced it with a spirit of self-confidence and post-90s. Lodily's Redlily is a feminine sanitary napkin e-commerce brand. At the beginning of the company's establishment, it was awarded a million-yuan angel investment by Meihua Ventures.
Huang Xiaopeng's entrepreneurial inspiration comes from his girlfriend: every time his girlfriend's physiological period is very weak and exhausted, but because he does not understand the physiological period, he can't give any useful "care". What is even more troublesome for him is that the various types of sanitary napkins sold in the market are no longer a choice, and both quality and follow-up services are somewhat unsatisfactory. He concluded that the main problems facing women's physiological period are: on the one hand, women go to the supermarket to buy sanitary napkins, and privacy is not protected; on the other hand, the days when they come to aunts are the most in need of care for women. During the period, there were no domestic manufacturers to provide meticulous and comprehensive services for this period.
Redlily's slogan is: Let love be everywhere. Compared with general sanitary napkins, Redlily is not only a product, but also a kind of care.
User pain points caused by privacy
Like many North drifters, Huang Xiaopeng has been trying to do something while working hard.
In 2011, Huang Xiaopeng met his girlfriend. When he was in love, he found that "there are always a few days each month", and the girlfriend is easily inexplicably upset, dysmenorrhea and weak. Although he was a warm man, Huang Xiaopeng was initially embarrassed to go to the supermarket to buy a sanitary napkin for his girlfriend. Sanitary napkins are a very private thing. In China, buying anything that is related to sex and gender can be embarrassing, especially for a young boy like Huang Xiaopeng. The selection and purchase of a pack of sanitary napkins will always be inadvertently noticed by passers-by and unacceptable embarrassment.
At present, the well-known sanitary napkin brands in the market include Sophie, Leya, Gao Jiesi, ABC, etc., but they all have a serious problem - too many product categories, not easy to choose; products are basically no service; more disturbing The quality of some products is worrying. Commodity users in the market are unable to feedback user experience and participate in product design improvements, and no manufacturer provides services to female users outside sanitary napkins. "This is a big market." The young Huang Xiaopeng has sharply discovered the business opportunity: to provide a reassuring product to his girlfriend and the female friends around him, and to provide a warm service.
"In the days when they are most painful, I have my love, which is the meaning of the existence of the product." Huang Xiaopeng told the investors about the ideas and ideas, out of the "pain" understanding of women's physiological period, and was Huang Xiao The fat, careful, and impressed, and more optimistic about the huge potential of the traditional feminine products Internetization that Huang Xiaopeng said, after a few chats, investors invested a million yuan in this unestablished company.
Redlily: Let love be everywhere
The female consumers of sanitary napkins are divided into two categories, one is after 85: the life of publicity, not talking about the topic of big aunt, sanitary napkins, etc., and even the story of their own physiological period in the circle of friends. There is also a white-collar beauty before 85, paying attention to privacy, subtlety, and more concerned about the privacy of purchasing and using sanitary napkins.
Redlily's secret product design is based on three points. "First, secret care, using sanitary napkins as a carrier to provide users with more value-added services; second, secret control technology, strict production system control, advanced foreign production technology, To ensure that the products are intimate and comfortable; third, the secret materials, safe and healthy materials, no longer have to worry about safety during use."
In order to create such a product, Huang Xiaopang ran through Tianjin, Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Taiwan and other cities, selected more than 20 excellent manufacturers, and finally finalized the questionnaire, product design, product testing, update iteration, and finally finalized the final Design. Different from the traditional sanitary napkin brand exposed in supermarkets, stores and other public places, Redlily's products are sold through e-commerce channels, users can place orders directly online, free logistics at any time you need to deliver on time.
Speaking of this, the reporter is very curious about the product "What the real body looks like", Huang Xiaopeng smiles, February 3 is our product release reception, the cocktail party invites more than 200 fashion women and partners to participate, there are many stars The big names will be held, and all the secrets will be revealed at this moment.
Future products focus on user engagement and design
With the constant iteration of the product, Redlily users have more interaction on the web, and one of them is involved in the design of sanitary napkins. Huang Xiaopeng said: "The future platform will not only solve the problem of female aunts, but users can get more information about maintaining themselves, caring for their families and enjoying more personalized services.
Huang Xiaopeng said, "I hope that through our great efforts, we will bring some small changes to the lives of female users. Now the Li people pay more attention to the quality of life and look forward to freedom. I hope the Redlily brand can create a set for users. A space of safety, comfort, health, freedom and privacy, caring for women, caring for women, and being a virtual “boyfriend” to help more women to spend the “seeds” of each month.
Most of the members of the Lodi Technology team came from the 90s. This combination made the team energetic. One of the co-founders was from Ikang Guobin, which provided effective protection for the design of the products.
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