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Sanitary napkins, e-commerce crisis

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine The “light life” of the online channel has recently gained capital blessings. After the A-round investment of Qifu Capital, at this point, Light Life has completed three rounds of financing. Tiancheng, the founder of Light Life, said that in the next two
The “light life” of the online channel has recently gained capital blessings. After the A-round investment of Qifu Capital, at this point, Light Life has completed three rounds of financing. Tiancheng, the founder of Light Life, said that in the next two years, the development of light life will still be online, emphasizing the interaction between brands and consumers, which is also the advantage of online channels.
According to the prediction of the China Paper Association's Committee on Tissue Paper, the market size of China's Sanitary napkins (including pads) will reach 61.1 billion yuan by 2020. Thanks to the development momentum of “her economy”, the Internet Sanitary napkin brand has been particularly favored by capital in recent years. "Honeymate", which is similar to light life, has also received three rounds of total financing of 10 million yuan. Last year, NONOLADY, the flagship brand of sanitary napkins, won the investment of angels with the investment of up to 50 million yuan from Huatie Science and Technology Yang Ziping.
Re-marketing and value-added are the consistent performance of these Internet sanitary napkin brands. "Guarding your sister" borrows the power of the founder's advertising company, and light life depends on consumer word-of-mouth publicity, especially the influence of WeChat's friends circle. These different ways of selling sales marketing offline have accumulated a higher user stickiness for the brand. On the product packaging, unlike traditional sanitary napkins, brands such as “light life”, “Yue Shang” and “NONOLADY” have chosen to improve the packaging and design of traditional sanitary napkins, and incorporate the style of their products to make hygiene The towel is no longer a hidden and embarrassing product for women. based on the identity of Internet brands, these brands are also keen to use the Internet to push value-added content such as skin care guides and public welfare activities to target users.
Without a water army, there is no sales?
Although the positioning is similar, the development status of the Internet sanitary napkin brand is not consistent. In the Tmall flagship store, the highest sales volume of light life items can reach 42,212 pieces, and the monthly sales volume of Honeymate products is up to 85,019 pieces. However, the monthly sales volume of NONOLADY's highest single product is only 1965 pieces, and the monthly sanitary napkins have a zero monthly turnover.
The uneven sales level reflects the dilemma of the development of Internet sanitary napkins: the nature of FMCG makes the sales trajectory of sanitary napkins still follow the principle of “nearby”. Zhao Xianghui, an observer of the Japanese industry, believes that the Internetization of FMCG is slow. “When buying sanitary napkins, unlike other products such as buying books and buying clothes, sanitary napkins are always remembered by women when they are most needed. They are worthless when they are not needed. Many times, even if the Internet sanitary napkins have more feelings, It won't beat the traditional sanitary napkins in the downstairs supermarket."
The high-end of the collective brand of Internet sanitary napkins also restricts the size of the consumer market to a certain extent. Take the pad products as an example, the light-life single-box pad is priced at 12.8 yuan, and the NonOLADY single-box cotton pad is priced at 25 yuan. However, among the popular sanitary napkin brands that consumers are familiar with, the price of Hushubao pad products is 7.9 yuan, and the 7-degree space has a pad product costing 6 yuan. The monthly sales of this product in Tmall supermarket is as high as 2.8. Ten thousand pens.
Walking on two legs is still a compulsory course for business
“Sanitary napkins are not very difficult to make a product. It is difficult to make a product with a huge difference.” Light life related person in charge believes that traditional brands use channels as the king, and channels help brands to succeed in the old business era. It has become the weakness of the current stage, and channel costs account for a very large proportion in traditional business links. If the brand increases the cost of raw materials, coupled with channel costs, the price of the product will far exceed the Internet brand. At the same time, brand tonality and pricing are mutually tied relationships. Brands with low-end brands have developed high-priced product lines, which is not an easy thing for users. Light life chooses a cake that traditional brands need to pay for high cost.
However, even if the Internet fills in the middle channels between product producers and consumers, brands such as Light Life will continue to enter the offline as part of future strategic considerations. The person in charge of light life said that the product category will be expanded in the future, and the product lines such as cotton wipes, Diapers and cotton pads will be added; the channels will also be stationed in Tmall Mall and Jingdong, and intend to enter the offline channels.
“Small sanitary napkins maintain high tonality in terms of packaging and product cost, but the marketing strategies of big brands have also changed in recent years. High-end has become a consensus, and the online market is also very fierce.” It is believed that high-end is not a magic weapon for the Internet sanitary napkin brand to win. In 2014, Hushubao introduced the foreign high-end products always liquid sanitary napkins. This single-piece product with a price of about 3 yuan broke the price barrier of 0.6-0.7 yuan for a single sanitary napkin, and also promoted the high-end upgrade of a series of sanitary napkins. In the product line planning, Gao Jiesi also launched a high-end positioning sanitary napkin. At present, the products under the Gao Jiesi brand are divided into two product lines: classic and selection. The selection of products, for the 25-30 years old women who have been economically independent, the concept of two-in-one cotton net, the import of Australian sunshine cotton as a selling point, the unit price is about 3 yuan.
Different from the Internet brand, under the brand of Shushubao, there are both regular sanitary napkins and high-end products with the price of the people. This product line echelon also determines that these brands can occupy a larger market. The industry believes that although the Internet gene is a strong pre-market promotion and promotion, entering the offline market is still an important way for Internet brands to attract consumers and gain trust.
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