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Sanitary napkins also have a shelf life. Don't worry too much.

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Speaking of sanitary napkins, women will certainly not be unfamiliar with this. After all, they will see each other every month. Sanitary napkins are hygienic items used by women during menstruation. Although they are called "sanitary napkins",
Speaking of Sanitary napkins, women will certainly not be unfamiliar with this. After all, they will see each other every month. Sanitary napkins are hygienic items used by women during menstruation. Although they are called "sanitary napkins", the chemical substances contained in them can be harmful to the female body, especially the private parts. Therefore, everyone must be careful when using sanitary napkins. Let's learn the proper use of sanitary napkins.
1. Wash your hands before using sanitary napkins
If you do not wash your hands before use, the process of unsealing, opening, smoothing and pasting the sanitary napkin by hand will bring a large number of germs to the sanitary napkin. Sanitary napkins directly contact the female vulva skin, and menstrual period is a period of low female resistance, slightly inattentive, easily infected or cause gynecological diseases.
2, the sanitary napkin should not be placed in the bathroom
Sanitary napkins are very unsanitary in the bathroom, because the general sanitary napkins are made of non-woven fabrics, which are fibrous materials. After damp, the materials deteriorate and the bacteria are easy to invade and multiply. Most of the toilets in China are not exposed to sunlight all the time, so it is very humid and easy. Fly mold, contaminate sanitary napkins. The unpacked sanitary napkins should be placed in a dry, clean environment and should not be used after damp.
3, pay attention to the shelf life of sanitary napkins
Some people can buy a lot of sanitary napkins for storage at home. When the batch was not used up, it came again, and it was on the remaining packaging. The sanitary napkin that is pressed underneath will take a long time to be used, and the shelf life may have passed. In fact, the sanitary requirements of sanitary napkins are very strict, and the closer the production date is, the more assured the quality. Sanitary napkins are sterilized by high-temperature disinfection. The effective period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited. There is no sterility guarantee after the deadline. If the sanitary napkins are stored for too long, they will deteriorate and become contaminated even if they are not opened. .
4, use sanitary napkins with drugs or fragrances with caution
Xiaobian has used motherwort sanitary napkins, thinking that it has a certain therapeutic effect on gynecological diseases, but the smell of the drug can be smelled by the bag, and the feeling after use is especially embarrassing. It feels better after being stopped. Since then, it has been decided not to choose sanitary napkins with aroma or pharmaceutical ingredients. It is understood that the drug or aroma components may have an adverse effect on the body. Fragrance ingredients do not represent cleanliness. Medicated sanitary napkins should be used with caution. Medicinal napkins may play a role in cleaning female genitals and preventing various gynecological diseases to a certain extent and extent, but not for everyone, because people's physical differences are very different, some people It is allergic to some substances, but it is genital itching. It is the same as eating seafood allergy. Therefore, no matter which type of sanitary napkin is used, it is necessary to pay attention to its own reaction and feeling.
5, replace the sanitary napkin is best to change once every two hours
Because the menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, it is easy to become a 'medium medium' for the growth of bacteria. Therefore, sanitary napkins must be replaced diligently. There is a survey: Japanese women change an average of 6 times a day during menstruation, compared with 3 times for Chinese women. There are not many differences in physique between Asians, and Chinese women have a higher proportion of intrauterine birth control rings, and the overall menstrual flow should be larger. Expert advice: To keep the sanitary napkin dry and hygienic, it is best to change it in two hours.
After reading the above methods, do you have any gains? Sanitary napkins are not as clean as we think, but they can't be used, so everyone must pay attention to change when using sanitary napkins, pay attention to hygiene.
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