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Core tips:Tissue paper machine Facial paper is a very thin paper. Its appearance is usually very similar to that of toilet paper used in toilets. The toilet paper has a single square shape and is rolled into a cylindrical shape. The single square shape is often packed in a carton or pl


Facial paper is a very thin paper. Its appearance is usually very similar to that of toilet paper used in toilets. The toilet paper has a single square shape and is rolled into a cylindrical shape. The single square shape is often packed in a carton or plastic package with a sip on it. It is convenient to take a single sheet at a time. This type of removable packaging and use method is exactly the same as the most common packaging and use method of facial tissue, so that the two often cause confusion among users.
The purpose of the paper is to wipe the face and rub the hands. Because it will be exposed to sweat, the design is so flexible that it is not easy to break or break.
Paper towels have become an indispensable Sanitary cleaning product in many people's lives, but the dazzling array of paper towels often dazzles consumers. Experts reminded that in order to purchase sanitary and clean tissue paper products, it is necessary to master four points of "诀窍".
First of all, we should choose products from large enterprises and well-known brands. After repeated and national supervision and inspection, the products of these enterprises show that the product quality is stable and reliable. At the same time, these companies have advanced production equipment, strict management of production processes, and good quality of raw materials used. Although the price may be relatively expensive, it can be hygienic, comfortable and safe to use.
The second is to look at the packaging. The name, address, telephone number, etc. of the manufacturer shall be indicated on the product packaging. Also pay attention to whether the name of the product and the standards, product grade, date of manufacture, expiration date, etc. are indicated on the package. It is best to buy the latest products.
Third, it is best to choose products made from pure wood pulp. At present, the production materials of paper towels are complicated, such as cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper edge, waste paper, and the like. Products made from waste paper and waste paper as raw materials, the quality is generally in the middle and low range, the strength is low, easy to lose hair, drop powder, some see the water scattered, when used to wipe the sweat in summer, the paper hair is easy Stick to your face.
Fourth, the paper towels are not as white as possible. In order to increase the whiteness of the product, some manufacturers add excessive fluorescent whitening agents, so that the whiteness of the tissue paper exceeds the prescribed A-class standard of 90.0%. Such products seem unnatural and the color tone is not soft.
Let's take a look at the brand of facial tissue:
Wei Jie, Qing Feng, Zhen Zhen
Manufacturer: Jinguang Group
Sinar Mas Group was founded in 1962 by the well-known Indonesian Chinese Mr. Huang Yucong. It has hundreds of legal person companies, employs 150,000 people and has assets of more than 20 billion US dollars. It was once praised by the world famous financial magazine Forbes. It is the largest consortium in Indonesia. Jinguang Group has a long-term investment scope in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. The Group has developed four core industries: pulp and paper, finance, agriculture and food processing, and real estate. Since 1992, Jinguang Group has started to invest in China.
Ni Fan
Manufacturer: Oji Paper
Oji Paper is the first in Japan in the paper industry and the sixth in the world. Founded in 1873, it was founded in 1953 after many restructurings and integrations. With a registered capital of 1,038,800,000 yen, the company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and has about 20,000 employees. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is a large paper group consisting of 223 branches and 80 affiliates. Oji Paper has a total of 86 production bases in Japan and more than 30 overseas bases in Japan, including China.
Heart print
Manufacturer: Hengan Group
Founded in 1985, Hengan Group is one of the earliest foreign-funded enterprises to enter the Chinese Sanitary napkin market. Its business scope covers maternal and child hygiene products, paper products, cosmetics and skin care products. It is currently the largest professional sanitary napkin and Baby diaper in China. The production enterprise has more than 2 billion yuan in fixed assets and more than 10,000 employees. It has more than 20 subsidiaries in 14 provinces and cities across the country, and its sales and distribution network covers the whole country. Hengan International Group Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Hong Kong in 1998.
Manufacturer: Yongfeng Yu
Yongfeng Yu is a pioneer in Taiwan's private paper industry, and its products are firmly in the leading position in the domestic paper industry. Yongfeng Yu promotes multi-item and multi-category paper products in the paper-based category, including cultural paper, industrial paper, paper containers and household paper.
Shu Jie
Manufacturer: Kimberly
Kimberly-Clark is the world's largest manufacturer of tissue papers, and Kleenex, the world's most famous tissue brand, is owned by Kimberley. With more than 130 years of professional papermaking experience, Kimberly-Clark prides itself on the paper industry with advanced technology. Since its inception in 1872, Kimberly-Clark has been known for its quality, service and fairness in all its business. As the world-renowned brand of Kimberly-Clark, Kleenex is marketed in more than 150 countries and ranks first in the world.
Clean and soft
Manufacturer: Zhongshun Jierou Paper Co., Ltd.
The company is the first echelon enterprise in the domestic tissue paper industry, mainly engaged in research, development, production and sales of medium and high-grade household paper. The company has two famous domestic brands of “Jierou” and “Sun”. The main products are roll paper, handkerchief paper, soft paper and tissue paper. The company has multi-brand strategy and good brand image, good research and development capabilities, nationwide marketing network and national production base layout, etc., and was rated as "China's outstanding private technology enterprises" and "Guangdong Province top 100 private enterprises."
Manufacturer: Shanghai Dongguan Huajie Paper Co., Ltd.
Jieyun is a warm, harmonious and happy living environment for the majority of household consumption groups. The product line covers all kinds of household papers, which can fully meet the daily use needs. For many years, it has ranked first in the best-selling brands in Shanghai. Generally welcome.
Manufacturer: Vinda Paper Group
Vinda Paper Group is a large-scale modern tissue paper enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales. It is the deputy director unit of China Tissue Paper Committee and the largest and most popular enterprise in China's sanitary paper industry. one. It has been in the leading position in the domestic tissue paper industry in terms of production scale, product quality, market share, and economic benefits.
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