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Single-use coffee cup for airline use is 100% recyclable

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Core tips:Disposable tableware machine A distributor of supplies to the airline cabin industry adopts coating technology that allows its disposable paper cup to be universally recyclable.
       Paper cup made by single PE coated paper cup machine is a kind of paper container made of chemical wood pulp (white paper board) for mechanical processing and bonding. Ultrasonic double PE coated paper cup forming machine makes both one-side and two-side PE-film-coated paper cups after running a whole procedure of automatic pre-printed-fan-shape-paper feeding,cup-side-body sealing (ultrasonic wave),silicone-oil lubricating(for top curling),bottom punching,bottom pre-heating and pre-folding,main heating,bottom kn-urling(cool device),top curling and cup discharging.
       single PE coated paper cup machine          double PE film coated paper cup machine
       Linstol, a distributor to the airline cabin product industry, has completed a license agreement with Smart Planet Technologies to use the supplier's EarthCoating for its new Super Cup paper cup produced by
paper cup forming machine.
       Traditionally, disposable paper coffee cups are difficult to recycle because of the plastic coating used on the inside of the cup. Instead, Smart Planet reports, it is estimated that 15 billion coffee cups wind up in U.S. landfills annually.
       paper cup machine                    
       Linstol's Super Cup uses EarthCoating on its interior. Fully-compatible with traditional recycling systems, EarthCoating allows the Super Cup to be recycled universally. The cup also uses 43% less plastic content than a traditional paper cup manufactured by PE film coated paper cup forming machine and is designed with a 40%-smaller storage footprint, allowing more cups per sleeve. Says Linstol CEO Mark Russell, “Helping reduce our airline alliance partners’ environmental footprint is an initiative that is at the core of who Linstol is.”
       super_cups for airline
       Function of paper cup:
       1.Light quality, protect against breakage.Compared to glass bottles, paper cups are light in weight and free of risk of breakage.
       2.Low cost;Light quality can save circulation cost.
       3.The appearance effect is good;Printing decoration is easy to achieve, publicity effect is good, can promote.
       4.It can be combined with a variety of materials to improve the protection function.It is combined with aluminum foil, plastics and other materials to prevent deterioration and corruption of the contents.
       5.With good shading performance, the shading can keep the color, aroma and taste of the interior contents.
       6.Rotary can be used packaging machinery to operate, to achieve high quality and speed of production, packaging.
       7.It is easy to open and close, easy to open and restore.
       8.It is easy to dispose of waste and recycle, saving resources.
       9.With the emergence of new technology and new technology, the paper cup manufacturing technology has been continuously improved, and the new type of paper cup will appear and play a greater promotion and promotion to the product's design and color variety.


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