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Sisters, buying sanitary napkins can't be cheap.

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine There are many brands and types of sanitary napkins in the sanitary napkins in a supermarket in the provincial capital. After the Fujian police disclosed that the sanitary napkins with a value of over 100 million were fraudulent, where to buy sani
There are many brands and types of Sanitary napkins in the Sanitary napkins in a supermarket in the provincial capital.
After the Fujian police disclosed that the sanitary napkins with a value of over 100 million were fraudulent, where to buy sanitary napkins is more reliable? How to tell the truth? What is the price of genuine products? Many female consumers are very worried, this reporter will investigate this??
Recently, the sanitary napkin fraud case disclosed by the Quanzhou police in Fujian shocked the community. The counterfeit sanitary napkins are among the top ten brands in the industry. Well-known brands such as “Hushu”, “Sophie”, “ABC” and “Always” have been “lying and lying.” Since the fraud case formed a pipeline spanning four provinces and the case value reached 100 million yuan, it has attracted much attention.
Many female consumers said that today's well-known brands have been highly imitation, where to buy sanitary napkins is more reliable? How to distinguish between real goods and imitation goods? In this regard, the reporter conducted an investigation and interview.
A event effect
Many brand-name sanitary napkins are smeared
In the case of the sanitary napkins disclosed by the Quanzhou police, the illegal manufacturers have formed a set of production interest chain. The film of one of the main materials is produced by Quanzhou Workshop, and the white film is processed by the Anhui Yinzhou factory, and the fake brand packaging bag and The carton was provided by the Zhejiang Jinhua factory and finally “integrated and assembled” by the Baoding plant in Hebei. This kind of "chain-type workshop" products, with the famous brands such as "Hu Shu Bao", "Sophie", "ABC" and "Always", sells genuine prices, but the quality is worrying.
After the case was disclosed, these well-known brands that were “living and shooting” were greatly affected. A few days ago, the reporter called the customer service staff of Procter & Gamble Company to understand the situation. The person introduced that the sanitary napkins sold by their authorized dealers were packed in anti-counterfeiting labels. Consumers who bought P&G sanitary napkins can use the anti-counterfeit labels. The corresponding 800 hotline judges the authenticity of the product. In addition, the person also said that the products sold in large and medium-sized supermarkets are all delivered by the head office, and the products are absolutely no problem. For the second-tier dealers, the company will issue uniform plaques and ask the dealers to hang the plaques. In the conspicuous place in the store, if the consumer has questions, you can record the number on the card and call to identify the authenticity.
Subsequently, the reporter connected the China Paper Association's Tissue Paper Professional Committee. The staff of the committee said: "Although the brands and types of sanitary napkins are very large, they are highly concentrated in the domestic industry. Under normal circumstances, large and medium-sized cities The market share of well-known brand products is high, and small brands are mainly concentrated in small areas for sale."
B local market
It is difficult to distinguish whether the price of "Miscellaneous Army" is low.
●Large and medium-sized supermarkets, convenience stores
Recently, the reporter visited the major supermarkets in Taiyuan City and Jinhu, Tangjiu and other convenience stores to find the brand-name sanitary napkins "high imitation goods" figure.
The reporter found that the sanitary napkins currently on the market are classified into three categories: soft, dry and pure cotton mesh according to the different layers. On the shelves of the Sunshine District of Taiyuan Meitehao Supermarket Changfeng Street, a pack of 10 pieces of soft sanitary napkins sells in price from 5 yuan to 1 yuan, and the price is 5 Hair is between 2 yuan. Hualian Supermarket's sales department of Qinxian Street said: "In the past, many consumers took the product and put it in the shopping cart. Now many people will take a closer look, and some customers ask where the anti-counterfeiting mark is printed. The sanitary napkins sold in the supermarkets are all imported from the formal channels. They are directly distributed by the headquarters, and the headquarters are directly getting the goods from the manufacturers. This card is very tight, and there will be no counterfeit goods.
Most large chain convenience store staff also said that the products are from regular channels and will not be imitation goods.
●Community store, regional mall
Subsequently, the reporter visited the provincial capital Pingyang Trade City, Shuangta Mall and other stores, found that some personally operated sanitary products shops, booths, almost no shadow of well-known brands of sanitary napkins, most of them are some of the less well-known small Miscellaneous, and the price is relatively low, half or even cheaper than the supermarket.
In many shops in the community, the types of sanitary napkins are also diverse, and the prices are generally low. The price of each piece is 0.4 yuan to 1 yuan.
Several stall owners told reporters: "Most of the product purchase channels are Taiyuan Jiancao Small Commodity Wholesale Market, Clothing City and other places, and some goods directly from the Baoding factory in Hebei." Huaxi Rihua shop owner said: "Taiyuan City, most toilet paper The quality goods are from Baoding, Hebei, and there are basically no other places. Some products with very low prices are definitely not qualified, most of them are mostly miscellaneous brands."
The staff of Taiyuan City Quality and Technical Supervision, Inspection and Testing Institute said: "These small brands are abundant in the Taiyuan market. They have not been tested and tested, and it is difficult to distinguish whether they meet the standard."
C expert reviews
Do not buy fakes against these standards.
The reporter visited the market and learned that the sanitary napkin is mainly composed of three parts: the top layer, the inner absorption layer and the anti-seepage base film. In general, the surface layer and the anti-seepage base film are rarely falsified, and the main part is the dummy layer.
Zhang Yinghui, director of the Chemicals Department of Taiyuan Quality and Technology Supervision and Inspection and Testing Institute, said that under normal circumstances, the absorption rate of sanitary napkins is more than 7 times, the infiltration amount is above 1.8 grams, and the deviation, water absorption ratio, infiltration amount, pH value and microbial index are all qualified. After that, the product can be qualified. However, most of the counterfeit products do not meet this standard. The main reasons for the failure are the total number of bacterial colonies, the total number of fungal colonies, coliform bacteria, and pathogenic purulent bacteria. As a feminine care product, if the quality of hygiene is not enough, it will have a great impact on women's reproductive health.
Zhang Yinghui introduced several simple ways to choose to distinguish between authenticity and falsehood. Consumers can avoid buying fakes by comparing these standards. First of all, the product should not use discarded raw materials, require clean, no pollution, no damage, and the anti-adhesive paper should not fall off on its own, and it can be completely and completely removed. Secondly, the product sales package should be marked with the product name, implementation standard label, trademark; company name, address, contact information; variety specifications, internal quantity; production date and shelf life or production batch number and deadline use date; main production materials; disinfection level, The disinfection method and expiration date should be indicated, and the words “disinfection grade” should be marked on the main surface of the package. At the same time, the product's sales packaging can ensure that the product is not contaminated, and the various identification information on the package should be clear and not easy to fade.
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