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Smart tissue machine appeared in many major commercial districts in Xiamen

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Handkerchief tissue machine Big Pomelo Technology's smart tissue machine has entered several major business districts in Xiamen and is expected to exceed 1,000 units this month.
       Xiamen Daily News (Reporter Lin Luhong) Recently, many people have found that the toilets in Xiamen's multiple business districts are equipped with smart tissue machines. Those who need them should take the mobile phone to scan the QR code on the machine. Sweep, follow the prompts, you can take paper made by handkerchief paper making machine for free. In the eyes of these smart tissue machine operators, the paper towel machine is a high-quality traffic portal, which can be used to collect a large number of users, and then do advertising marketing to make money from advertisers. This model pursues the Internet thinking-"wool is on the pig."
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       Free paper withdrawal facilitates offline drainage
       Established in June last year, Xiamen industry Big Pomelo Technology is a team that has been involved in smart tissue machines earlier in the industry. Founder Yao Jintian has worked for a well-known portal for many years, and he is deeply touched by the rise in online traffic costs, which prompted him to turn his attention to offline entities.
       "For the sake of cost and other factors, most toilets do not provide toilet paper made by Toilet tissue machine, and many people do not have the habit of taking paper produced by pocket tissue manufacturing machine with them." Yao Jintian said that this discovery gave him inspiration, the need for toilet paper, the use of high frequency, very suitable Do offline drainage. Today, Big Pomelo has built two generations of products, the first generation is mainly for toilets, and the second generation is aimed at public places such as restaurants.
       Xiamen Software Park "Chuang + Space" into the team of clouds and papers, in October last year into the field of smart tissue machines, the original intention is also for "flow." “Our previous venture was a college student internship platform. In the process of seeking offline drainage partners, we found the hidden business opportunities in the smart tissue machine.” Liao Yuxing, founder of Yunzhi IOT.
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       To drain, you must first satisfy the user. It is reported that Big Pomelo and Yunzhi IOT have reached cooperation with well-known brand paper manufacturers. Big Pomelo uses bagged napkins in the second generation, which has good water absorption.
       The two entrepreneurial teams, the “flow” of the Xiamen entrepreneurship team, have all won the favor of capital. Big Pomelo Technology won the 2 million RMB angel round financing of Yingnuo Aite Angel Fund, and the angel wheel financing of Yunzhi IOT is 5 million RMB. The investor is Yiyun Investment.
       First scan the paper, take the paper, and play the precision marketing card.
       The process of taking paper from the smart tissue machine can give a glimpse of the operator's thinking on business operations. Take Big Pomelo as an example. After the user scans the code, the first page that pops up is the QR code of the advertiser's WeChat public number. After identifying the QR code and selecting the public number, follow the operation prompt and reply. Paper" link, after clicking, the paper towel machine spits out the paper packed by pocket tissue packing machine.
       If you want to use paper for free, you must first pay attention to the public number of the business-it seems that Big Pomelo seems to be the "powder artifact" of the WeChat public account. However, Yao Jintian emphasized that the ultimate goal is to do precise marketing. He said that the system can count the user's gender, frequency of use, time period, etc.   
       With the accumulation of data, the user's portrait will become more and more clear, and different people scan the code. Advertising recommendations are not the same. “For example, if the system finds that someone often picks up paper in the software park, then it is basically possible to determine that he is working in the software park. The system will take this into account when pushing advertisements.”
       The smart paper towel machine of Yunzhi IOT is also the first to scan the code and then take the paper. The difference is that the scan code link is not the WeChat public number, but the WeChat small program of Yunzhi IOT. Liao Yuxing said that this will help simplify the paper-taking process and improve the user experience.
       At present, Big Pomelo Technology has entered many major business districts in Xiamen, and it is expected that the number of equipment in Xiamen will exceed one thousand this month. Yao Jintian said that he plans to “run the model” in Xiamen and then copy the model to many places in the country.
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       [Reporter's Notes]
       “Going out without paper” or will become a reality
       It is not only the Xiamen enterprise that smells the business opportunities of the smart tissue machine. It is understood that there are about ten enterprises in the industry, and related entrepreneurial teams are also emerging. For these companies, laying machines is a top priority. After all, the technical threshold of this industry is not high, and whoever is equipped with equipment will be able to take the initiative.
       The model of the smart tissue machine is reminiscent of the free weight scales, free photo printers, shared charging treasures and other things that have emerged in recent years. Their underlying logic is for drainage, the development of Internet of Things technology and the popularity of smartphones. Some items that are indifferent to the situation become new traffic portals. But at least for now, these traffic portals are still a small number of profiters. First, because of the high cost of pre-laying, and second, there are still many problems to be solved in the subsequent commercial operation.
       However, what is certain is that the emergence of these offline traffic entries is a good thing for the public. Some insiders predict that with the large-scale laying of smart tissue machines, “going out without paper packed by handkerchief paper packing machine” will become a reality. This is the charm of the Internet model, which brings subversive changes and gives people more convenience.
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