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Taiwan urges calm over panic buying of toilet paper

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine Shelves usually stacked with toilet paper, kitchen paper and boxed tissues stood empty in many supermarkets.
       Taiwan's premier called for calm Tuesday following a desperate run on toilet paper made by toilet tissue making machine on the island, sparked by speculation of imminent price hikes.Shelves usually stacked with toilet paper, kitchen paper made by kitchen towel manufacturing machine and boxed tissues stood empty in many hypermarkets and supermarkets as residents stockpiled supplies.Major online retailers had also run out, including PChome which reportedly sold five million packs of toilet paper in three days.
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       "We ask the public not to panic and not to rush to buy," Premier William Lai told reporters."The supply is sufficient and everybody will have toilet papers produced by toilet paper machine to buy," he said.The panic buying started after major hypermarkets were informed by toilet paper manufacturers of a 10 to 30 percent price hike from mid-March due to rising international pulp prices.
       The Fair Trade Commission said it had looked into the matter and met with representatives from three major toilet paper suppliers and five top retailers to warn them against price-fixing on Tuesday.There was online anger as some accused the government of ignoring price fixing by manufacturers."The government wouldn't have paid attention if people were not snatching up toilet paper made by toilet paper manufacturing machine. The lousy government is only saying price-fixing is illegal after the media reported it," read one post on Apple Daily's website.
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       As the most mainstream product in toilet paper industry, roll paper made by toilet tissue making machine has been the necessary equipment for every household toilet.Roll paper with its good clean ability, soft touch, moderate price, well deserved to become the king of cost performance.
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       As a rising star in the toilet paper industry, wet toilet paper can wipe away the dirt that dry paper cannot wipe off besides, high-quality wet toilet paper can wipe away 99.9% bacteria effectively (normally cannot contain fungicide).At the same time, quality wet toilet paper is mainly composed of original wood pulp, with moderate moisture, the touch is super soft and comfortable.Although the price is a little bit more expensive than dry paper, it is definitely a good product to improve the quality of life.
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