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Tampons are better than sanitary napkins?

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Fu Yuanhui, the "Hong Kong Girl", told the media after the women's 4X100m medley relay race in the current Olympic Games that she had a holiday on the day before the game, so she was weak. In this regard, many netizens have some doubts - ca
Fu Yuanhui, the "Hong Kong Girl", told the media after the women's 4X100m medley relay race in the current Olympic Games that she had a holiday on the day before the game, so she was weak. In this regard, many netizens have some doubts - can you swim on vacation? Some netizens have doubted that a tampon can solve the problem. It is a cotton cylinder that can be placed in the vagina to absorb menstrual blood when a woman comes to menstruation, in line with the role of a Sanitary napkin. In the United States, Australia and other western developed countries, sales of tampon are greater than Sanitary napkins. Then, is the same as feminine hygiene products, is this widely used tampon in foreign countries better than sanitary napkins?
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Tampons do not win the sanitary napkins, and they have various defects.
Tampons sell better than sanitary napkins in many Western developed countries, which is true. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 70% of American women use tampon1. Compared with sanitary napkins, tampon is more convenient to carry, and has less restraint when used, and can move freely. Moreover, the tampon is absorbed before the menstrual blood flows out, and there is no leak detection problem that makes women feel a headache. There are hospitals in China. When nursing patients with related diseases, tampon is used instead of sanitary napkins to keep the perineum clean, making patients feel more refreshed and comfortable, reducing the chance of infection during menstruation.
Tampons require proper use. The picture comes from the clove doctor tampon that requires proper use. Picture from clove doctor
However, the tampon also has its own drawbacks. As mentioned above, the hospital improves the patient's comfort through the tampon. It is accompanied by professional medical staff and uses tampon in a clean environment. However, in daily life, users of tampon are likely to face problems such as pain due to incorrect insertion angle and lack of selection of sliver size.
Moreover, there is also debate among professionals about which sanitary napkins and tampon are more sanitary. There are experimental data in China that show that tampon does not increase the incidence of various inflammations4. But experts at the health-women, an authoritative website on women's health in the United States, say studies have shown that using tampon increases the risk of urinary tract infection in women.
Moreover, there is a risk in using tampon compared to sanitary napkins, that is, if used improperly, there is little risk of triggering toxic shock syndrome (TSS), the cause of which is this: Some women may have a substance called Staphylococcus aureus in the vagina (a healthy woman may also have it). When the tampon is too tightly attached to the inner wall of the vagina due to excessive suction, the prolonged application may cause the endometrium to dry, causing the staphylococcus aureus in the vagina to enter the bloodstream, causing fever and lowering blood pressure. If you have symptoms, you may even experience shock and become life-threatening. In 2013, there were media reports that a 14-year-old girl in the United Kingdom caused toxic shock syndrome due to improper use of cotton slivers and eventually died.
Of course, this is only a very small probability of the event, as long as you pay attention to the selection of the appropriate tampon, and pay attention to change, do not leave the sliver in the vagina for more than 8 hours, generally can avoid the toxic shock syndrome occur.
Most tampons on the outer packaging will remind users to regulate the use of toxic shock syndrome. Most tampons on the outer packaging will remind users to regulate the use of toxic shock syndrome Content
In Europe and the United States, there is no clear difference between sanitary napkins and tampons, which ones vary from person to person.
In Europe and the United States, tampons are much more expensive to sell, but quite a few people do not like to use tampon. Apart from personal preference, tampons are not suitable for all women. For example, women with lower cervix are not suitable for tampon. 7
There are also a variety of rumors about tampon in American society. For example, asbestos in tampon is a carcinogen. For example, there are criminals who secretly contaminate tampon on the market. Some of these rumors have really deceived a lot of people, even to the point where the FDA needs to blame.
FDA's rumor on carcinogenicity of tampon FDA rumors about tampon carcinogenicity
These rumors can be widely spread, and it can be reflected from one side that not every American is absolutely fond of tampon, 100% assured. In the good discussion of many sanitary napkins and tampons on the US website, the results are basically "everything is different, depending on which point you value more."
In addition to sanitary napkins and tampons, there are other women's menstrual supplies to choose from.
In many online posts, it can be seen that some people think that most Europeans and Americans use tampon, and they regard the use of tampon as an expression of advanced thinking and open concept. They think that sanitary napkins are backward products and should be Be eliminated. This view is of course wrong. Moreover, even if the "foreign moon is more than the Chinese circle, the less the Chinese use, the more advanced the thing is." The tampon is not the most "open" and the most "advanced" thing. In addition to sanitary napkins and tampons, women and other menstrual supplies are available.
"Menstruation Cup" "Menstrual Cup"
For example, the menstrual cup, which is made of colloid and can be used repeatedly, can be used to collect menstrual blood. It can be used for up to 12 hours in one time. It is more environmentally friendly than sanitary napkins and more economical than tampon. .
There are also disadvantages in the menstrual cup. For example, because it is not disposable, it needs to be cleaned between two uses, so its cleanliness will be more difficult to guarantee. And the process of cleaning the menstrual cup is troublesome, and it will make some people feel uncomfortable: when cleaning the menstrual cup, you need to pour the menstrual blood in the cup and clean it with water or special detergent. Put it in water and boil it for disinfection 10 .
The menstrual cup does have its own unique advantages, but its use and replacement, cleaning methods are obviously not in line with the habits of most people, especially Asian women in Asia. Some netizens said that the menstrual cup "looks like a cup, and it is tragic when changing." Therefore, at present, he should not become the mainstream choice for Chinese women.
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