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Teach you the main points of buying baby diapers in stages

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Core tips:Diaper machine 1, using plastic material for the surface layer, it is very soft and smooth to touch, and then its breathability is not satisfactory, the baby is prone to diaper rash after long-term use. 2, with pure cotton natural materials as the surface layer, brea
Are you aware of the material of the Diaper?
1, using plastic material for the surface layer, it is very soft and smooth to touch, and then its breathability is not satisfactory, the baby is prone to diaper rash after long-term use.
2, with pure cotton natural materials as the surface layer, breathability and feel are very good, just as soft and comfortable as cotton, there is also a good inner layer with good water absorption, which can make the surface layer of urine penetrate quickly through the cotton layer. Go in and make the surface dry and clean, so as to reduce the contact time between urine and baby's skin. It is a good choice for baby to use diaper rash.
In fact, your baby's diapers should be purchased in stages.
Buy Baby diaper points in stages
1, small babies (0 to 5 months): comfort and softness. The diaper for small babies should be breathable and non-irritating. Just came to this world baby, the activity ability is relatively low, so the comfort and softness have become the priority of mom's choice of diapers. Newborn baby's diaper requirements:
After the baby is excreted, parents must change the diaper in time to avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. However, many newborn babies excrete irregularly, making it difficult for novice parents to master. Therefore, when choosing diapers, they can not only focus on thickness and water absorption intensity, but also choose light and breathable for the baby's skin and season characteristics. Type diapers.
High-quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients to the non-woven layer to form a soft protective layer containing emollient ingredients. It is not only smooth, soft and comfortable, but also effectively absorbs absorbed urine to avoid irritating the baby's skin. At the same time, the protective layer can also moisturize.
2, learning to climb (6 to 12 months): body stickers. The diapers used to climb the baby should be leak-proof, the baby grows up, and the range of activities is getting bigger and bigger. He learns to sit alone, lean forward, and want to play with your toys and play with you. At this time, you Have to consider changing a diaper that suits him more.
There are more activities for the baby. If the design of the diaper is unreasonable, it is very likely that there will be leakage and side leakage during the activity. A good diaper can safely separate the urine from the soft stools, allowing the baby to easily explore the world.
This design of the diaper makes it easy for the mother to adjust the tightness of the waist size of the baby at will, which is the focus of many businesses. In this period of the baby, he needs the diaper's body stickers to make his activities more comfortable.
3. Toddler period (after 13 months): design and tailoring. Loose and beautiful diaper suitable for toddlers
When the baby takes the first step to the world, it indicates that his independence and self-awareness are gradually maturing. A swollen diaper can seriously affect the baby's activity, while a too tight diaper is likely to wear the skin on the inside of his thigh. During this period, when purchasing diapers, mothers should consider more about the design and tailoring of diapers.
There are 4 principles for purchasing diapers.
1. Absorb more and absorb faster
More absorption, can reduce the frequency of replacement; fast absorption, can reduce the time of contact between urine and skin. In addition, the material of the diaper surface should also be selected to be dry and not oozing back, so that the sleeping baby can not be prevented from sleeping by the wet diaper.
2, breathable, not stuffy
The diapers used by the baby are uncomfortable. Mothers can use the Sanitary napkins they use during their physiological period to imagine: if they are not breathable, especially in the summer, it will make people feel uncomfortable and restless. Therefore, the baby's diapers are the same, the smooth and smooth plastic material, is it really more breathable than the cotton material? You need to observe it from your baby's little butt!
3, is the touch comfortable?
Tactile, for the baby is the first step in his understanding of the world; having a good tactile experience allows him to develop a more complete sense of security. The establishment of a sense of security has a direct impact on future development behavior. Your baby's skin is very sensitive, and if you have a little stimulation, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. This is worth your while.
4, dry and cool, no leakage
The diapers sold in the market have actually reached the standard of no leakage, so, for this, Mom and Dad can be more at ease! However, whether the design of the baby's leg and waist is too tight due to leakage prevention, and whether the use of the material makes the baby comfortable, it is something we must pay attention to!
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