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The diaper is too wide, will make the baby O-leg?

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Core tips:Diaper machine If you widen the diaper, the child may become an "O-leg"? Recently, a post triggered a hot discussion among netizens. In response to this statement, the reporter visited the Nanjing market and found that the specifications of the diapers on the
If you widen the Diaper, the child may become an "O-leg"? Recently, a post triggered a hot discussion among netizens.
In response to this statement, the reporter visited the Nanjing market and found that the specifications of the diapers on the market are relatively uniform, and it is very rare to clearly mark the "narrow section".
Can diapers really cause baby O-legs? Experts told reporters that there is no final conclusion, but diapers are recommended to choose as narrow as possible.
The reporter visited the Nanjing market
Most of the diapers are standard sizes, and the narrow ones are rarely
In the baby products store near the Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the reporter saw that there are many brands of diapers sold here, in addition to imported goods from Japan, South Korea, the United States, New Zealand and other countries, there are a large number of domestic or domestic OEM, There are no less than 20 kinds. The staff said that no matter where the diapers were produced, there was no saying that the diapers were widened.
"All the same type of diapers, the size is the same." The store told reporters that the size of Baby diapers is similar to the size of adult clothes, according to the baby's weight, from small to large is divided into NB, S, M, L, XL5 Models, the reporter measured the M (medium) diaper, the width of the crotch is about 9 cm. The diaper salesman told reporters that the size of the diaper was developed by the manufacturer for many years. "Unlimited widening is not good, too wide, but it will leak sideways, and the baby body is best served as much as possible!"
In the end, the reporter only found a domestically produced American brand diaper at the Wal-Mart Xinjiekou store in Nanjing. This is a kind of diaper with narrowed urine belt. Sales staff told reporters that the majority of diapers on the market are narrower by about 2 cm. As for why the manufacturer wants to introduce a "narrow" model, the other party only answers "more leak-proof".
However, a manufacturer told reporters that although the diapers generally have similar specifications, the difference is actually very big: for example, the diaper of the same brand may have the third grade of “high school, low grade”, and the low grade may be “paper”. The tearing may not stick to it once; the high-grade is generally non-woven, the breathability is better, and the baby is more comfortable to wear.
Nanjing’s mom and dad said
Some people are worried about O-legs, but the baby is wearing
Will wearing diapers make children form O-legs? Parents have different opinions on this issue, but most people still say "wearing through".
Ms. Wu works in a hospital in Nanjing, and her daughter is now 10 months old. She has been using diapers since birth and has already worn the L. “My colleagues in the obstetrics and gynaecology department of our hospital use diapers for their children.”
Miss Lin’s baby is already 1 year old and has been using diapers. For the statement that "diapers may cause O-legs," Ms. Lin said that she had heard about it. But she didn't feel that the baby had anything wrong. "But my husband said, I feel that the baby is a little O-leg, but I didn't see it!" Miss Lin told reporters that although she did not feel the baby's leg shape changed, but for peace of mind, I changed my baby's diaper during the day, "I use diapers at night."
Ms. Lin, who is 1 year old this year, believes that the baby legs themselves have some expansion. "When the child sleeps, the legs are opened like a small frog, saying that wearing a diaper to form an O-leg, some alarmist." The baby product salesperson confidently said, "When a child is born, the hospital will send three diapers to the parents. Is it difficult for the doctor to let the children become legs?"
"The problem with diapers is mainly that they are not breathable, not forming O-legs." In the interview, the reporter learned that many parents are worried that the diapers are not breathable and allow children to form red ass.
A salesperson selling diapers admits that the materials used in diapers are certainly not as permeable to cotton as traditional diapers. "In the daytime, there are adults to take care of, use diapers, sleep at night and then use diapers is better." Sales staff told reporters that many hospitals will open pregnant women training classes, which teach parents how to shape the baby legs, "along the baby's legs, by the inside Pushing the thighs to the calf can not only avoid the O-legs, but also make the child's legs become slender!"
Expert secret
Diapers induce O-legs?
It's hard to say, but try to choose a narrow one!
Is there any relationship between the diaper and the O-leg?
A: There is no conclusion, but it is recommended to choose narrow as much as possible.
Qin Rui, chief physician of the Children's Hospital of Jiangsu Province, told the reporter: The O-leg is medically known as knee varus, and the patient's calf's humerus is rotated inward at the knee joint. The main cause of O-shaped legs is the lack of vitamin D and insufficient calcium absorption. During the growth of the child, due to insufficient calcium, the cartilage can not be ossified normally, and the original bone is decalcified and absorbed, so the bones are bent and deformed. In addition to nutritional problems, the weight of the lower limbs is also prone to O-legs.
As for the connection between diapers and O-legs, there is currently no scientific experimental data to support. “Although I can't conclude that diapers will cause O-legs, I still recommend that parents choose narrower ones. In addition, diapers are also divided into models. Parents should choose the appropriate model according to their height and weight. If you are worried about side leakage, use it for babies. Oversized diapers may have an impact on your child's health."
American baby has been wearing three or four years old, and has not changed O-legs?
A: related to genetics and nutrition, health care
When it comes to diapers, American babies spend more time than we are "super long", and generally use the babies themselves to "self-care". But in our impression, Caucasians seem to rarely see O-legs, most of them have a pair of straight and slender legs, while the yellow-legged calves have more O-legs and radish legs, and the leg shape is also related to race. What?
Director Qin Rui told reporters that there is no connection between the two, and the leg shape is more genetically determined. "For example, ballerinas and some athletes have good-looking legs. They are natural, genetically determined, and have nothing to do with race. All kinds of races also have leg-shaped ballerinas and athletes." Director Qin Rui also told reporters. Compared with before, there are a lot more children with good legs. This is related to the development of social and economic level. The nutritional level is good, the health care level is improved, and the child's physical development is generally healthier.
The child is sleeping and licking his legs, pulling and pulling is not straight, is it an O-leg?
A: "Frog legs" is normal within 3 months.
"The child fell asleep like a little frog, his legs squatting up. I straightened his two calves. When they let go, they bounced back." Ms. Chen’s son has been playing for two months. Going back to the frog legs made Ms. Chen feel a little worried. "Always, will it change into O-legs?"
Director Qin Rui said that Ms. Chen’s fears are actually superfluous. Within three months of the birth of the baby, the legs must be bent. Because the baby is curled up in the mother's womb, the legs are also bent. It is actually a kind of "inertia" when the baby is not straight after birth. Parents don't have to worry too much. After 3 months, the child's legs will slowly grow straight.
In addition, whether the child is an O-shaped leg can not be seen by the parents. It is necessary to go to the hospital for an examination to determine.
What are the precautions for parents to prevent children from becoming O-legs?
A: Don't let your child learn to crawl and walk too early.
Compared with the effect of diapers on the shape of the child's legs, the effect of premature learning to walk is more clear. Many parents hope that their children will grow up quickly, so they will have the strength to train their children. Some impatient parents may start training their children's crawling or let their children jump on their children when they have not reached 9 months. Many parents The child is very proud of walking. In fact, this is precisely the taboo of child-rearing. "When the child's bones have not developed enough to support their own weight, they barely let the child stand. It is easy to 'bend' the calf and cause the O-leg." Director Qin Rui reminded parents that the child's bones can develop and learn to walk. It is related to the growth and development of the child's weight, and each child may be different. Parents should not be impatient for children to learn to walk. "If the child's physical condition permits, he will naturally go.
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