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The media exposed 10 brands of sanitary napkins will cause cancer, maybe you are using

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine "Consumer Report" reveals the mobility of Le Dai Ya, Hu Shu Bao, Su Fei, Jiao Shuang, ABC, Motherwort, Anerle, Gao Jiesi, Shu Shan, and your top ten brands of sanitary napkins. Fluorescent whitening agent, ranging from 54.9 mg/kg to 386 mg/kg.
"Consumer Report" reveals the mobility of Le Dai Ya, Hu Shu Bao, Su Fei, Jiao Shuang, ABC, Motherwort, Anerle, Gao Jiesi, Shu Shan, and your top ten brands of Sanitary napkins. Fluorescent whitening agent, ranging from 54.9 mg/kg to 386 mg/kg.
Among them, Taiwan's Shushan Sanitary napkins, which promised “no fluorescent agent” in self-promotion, have the highest fluorescing agent content, which is 7 times higher than the lowest content of high-clean silk. The brand of sanitary napkins detected almost all the mainstream brands of sanitary napkins sold in Shandong supermarkets.
The sanitary napkins are still being sold, and most of the citizens are not aware of it.
Yesterday, the reporter saw in many supermarkets in the main city, the sanitary napkins of the brands such as Shushubao, Sufi, ABC, etc. were still placed on the counter, and the sanitary napkins that were exposed to excessive phosphors were still on sale. During the interview, many female consumers patiently selected sanitary napkins in front of the counter.
Ms. Liu, who is selecting Sophie sanitary napkins, told the reporter: "I usually use Sophie, but I will choose ABC for my daughter in high school. Sometimes I am afraid of trouble. I buy a dozen bags." When the fluorescent whitening agent exceeded the standard, Ms. Liu shook her head and said she did not know.
The reporter learned that most female consumers do not understand the hidden dangers of fluorescent agents, and supermarket shopping guides have not paid attention to these reports. "The brands you asked are the best sellers in the supermarket. I have been selling these big brands here for so many years. If something goes wrong, I still dare to go out to supply?" A supermarket shopping guide told reporters.
There is no relevant standard in the country, and it is best to have less contact for insurance.
At present, the national standard GB/T 893-2008 sanitary napkins (including sanitary pads) of sanitary napkins does not make any provisions on formaldehyde and fluorescent whitening agents in sanitary napkins, regardless of their content or detection method. It is blank.
Zhang Yulan, deputy secretary-general of the Paper Committee of the China Paper Association, told the Consumer Reporter that there is currently no limit on the amount of fluorescent whitening agent in sanitary napkin products.
For the exact toxic effects of fluorescent agents on the human body, there is not enough experimental data support at home and abroad. The health workers in China have used the photo-toxicity of fluorescent whitening agents FWAs (diaminostilbene fluorescent whitening agents) in toilet paper. Photosensitive and mutagenicity were studied, and the results of phototoxicity, photosensitivity and Ames test were negative, that is, there was no positive effect.
Teach you how to identify the quality of sanitary napkins
Menstruation is the "big heart" of every girl every month! At present, there are many types of sanitary napkins on the market, and the quality is uneven. Which sanitary napkins are selected? So what is the standard for a good sanitary napkin? Here, Yu Gong teaches the majority of female friends how to identify the quality of sanitary napkins.
step one. Test dosage
First take out the sanitary napkins that you are using. If you use a lot of brands, it is best to take out one piece for simultaneous testing, so that you can compare and discover the mystery.
Step two. Testing water absorption
1. Pour 1/3 cup of water slowly into the sanitary napkin. If you are testing multiple brands of sanitary napkins, the water poured in each sanitary napkin must be the same amount, and the method of pouring is the same, so that it is fair.
2. What is the water absorption performance of the water in the process of pouring it?
2.1 It is better to suck in while the side is down. When the 50ML is finished, the surface does not see water as well.
2.2 After all the sanitary napkins have been filled with water, take the dry paper towels one by one on the sanitary napkin. Then press the palm of your hand on it and test the rewet of the water in the sanitary napkin. This operation simulates the weight of the person sitting on the sanitary napkin during the menstrual period. The amount of its return is reflected in the paper towel rewet. How much water comes out, it represents the humidity of your private parts.
Friends with gynecological diseases should pay special attention to the fact that the greater the degree of rewet, the more humidity, the lower humidity will make you secondary infection during the weakest period of menstruation, so why some people will itch after menstruation, because 85% of gynecological inflammation Patients are derived from the use of sanitary napkins that are airtight and non-bacterial on the market.
Step three. Look at the material
1. One layer tears; when tearing, it should be slowly torn from one end. If the surface layer is non-woven fabric, the tearing is more difficult to crack, and other materials are generally cracked. Some friends ask why they want to tear, when it is used, it is impossible to crack the surface. This is not the quality of the surface material.
For example, the surface of the dry mesh surface of the protection * treasure, * Philippine is a mesh plastic film, Imagine the private parts close to the plastic film, can be breathable and comfortable?
2. The transparent particles are water-absorbing factors. If the water-absorbing factor is fine and shiny, the water absorption is strong, and the coarse and non-bright crystals are secondary.
3. High-quality sanitary napkins, which should have functional chips inside, how to identify good functional chips? The functional chip of high-quality sanitary napkin is a functional chip developed by Fina Net Nanotechnology. It can continuously release negative ions in the hot and humid environment during the menstrual period. It has physical inhibition, odor elimination, and resonance through light waves to promote human metabolism. Improve human immunity.
The experience is: to avoid inflammation of the private parts, no smell of blood and odor, blood circulation, reduce the amount of blood and blood. The chips on the market are either printed or dyed, and wiped with a wet tissue to see if they fade. The color drop is an industrial dye; or it is a mint-containing ingredient, just to give the private part a cool feeling.
4. High-quality sanitary napkins, whose absorption factor is 360 degree wrapping with high quality non-woven fabric.
5. The bottom film of the last layer, if it is a plastic film, will be pulled when it is torn, it will be difficult to pull, otherwise it will be cracked. The plastic film is a carcinogen and can be confirmed as a plastic film by performing a gas permeability test.
6. The last layer of the base film will be glued, which is the substance sticking to the underwear. If it is industrial glue (sticky, can see glue, yellow), when you use the sanitary napkin, the glue will dissolve into your underwear, and when you put on such underwear directly, it will cause secondary pollution. Good glue is pure gum. It is the kind of chewing gum.
Step four. Testing the water absorption of water absorption factors
Put the water-absorbing factor into about 60ml of water in a cup filled with half a cup of water. After about 30 seconds, the whole cup is buckled on the palm of your hand. If there is moisture, the water absorption is very bad. If the water absorption factor appears, it becomes a cup shape. The solids indicate that the water absorption factor is very good.
Step five. Test the breathability of the last layer of the base film
The basement membrane is related to whether the private parts are breathable during menstruation. If it is not breathable, it is the best environment for mold invasion.
1. Put a cup of hot water or warm water in a half cup;
2. Put the base film on the mouth of the cup and then flip a cup over the film. Use a transparent plastic cup;
3. Slowly watch the mist on the inverted buckle cup. If there is obvious fogging in a short time, it means that the water is strong. On the contrary, it is a material that is not breathable.
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