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The university "military training special" sanitary napkins are sold out of stock. The boy

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Recently, military training in various universities across the country is under intense development. Many "military training-only" sanitary napkins sold in campus supermarkets have been sought after by new students, especially boys. The men who
Recently, military training in various universities across the country is under intense development. Many "military training-only" Sanitary napkins sold in campus supermarkets have been sought after by new students, especially boys. The men who went to buy Sanitary napkins were in a constant stream, and some campus supermarkets also showed the phenomenon that sanitary napkins were out of stock many times.
The reporter learned that the new military training shoes will have different degrees of grinding feet during training. During the military training, they will have to stand for a long time, such as military posture and walking, and the feet will be more painful. The soft and thick sanitary napkins are placed in the shoes. Not only is the shoe comfortable, but it also absorbs sweat and becomes the best choice for military training freshmen to replace the insole.
The picture shows the “military training-specific” sanitary napkins sold in the campus supermarket. Ink="">The picture shows the "military training" sanitary napkins sold by the campus supermarket.
Supermarket: Launched “Special Military Training” sanitary napkins
The reporter saw on the shelves of the supermarket of Chengdu Agricultural College of Sichuan Agricultural University. The sanitary napkins on the shelves were marked with eye-catching labels, which read the words “Special for military training for girls” and “Special for military training for boys”. The supermarket manager Shen told reporters that the eye-catching label is mainly to ease the jealousy of boys when they buy sanitary napkins.
"At the beginning of the military training, many people came to buy, and most of them came at noon." It is understood that the school began military training the next day, the sanitary napkins of the campus supermarkets have been sold out of stock, and have entered the second batch of goods. Shen said that the "military training-specific" sanitary napkins entered 7 items for the first time. After being out of stock, they immediately entered 5 pieces. There are two types to meet the needs of students' military training. The total amount is nearly 300.
“Many male dolls come to buy sanitary napkins and have been shy to explain that they are only used as insoles. They feel that they are still very shy.” The supermarket guide told reporters, “Some boys also asked if they were not pink, they I feel that the pink packaging is too young and too eye-catching." To this end, the second batch of campus supermarkets was replaced with green when the sanitary napkins were purchased.
The picture shows the “military training-specific” sanitary napkins sold in the campus supermarket. The picture shows the “military training-specific” sanitary napkins sold in the campus supermarket.
Taking into account the cost-effective issues, the school supermarket specializes in the introduction of 6.5 yuan special sanitary napkins for students' military training needs. "The cheap hygiene is definitely different from that used by ordinary girls, but it is a quality product that has passed the national quality inspection. It will not cause any impact, so it is more suitable for military training insoles in terms of cost performance."
Manager Shen told reporters that the supermarket will require the supplier to provide the latest quality inspection report to ensure the quality of the product before the purchase. In addition, the annual military training of campus supermarkets will arrange special shopping guides to take charge of the "military training-specific" sanitary napkins to help new students, so that new students can buy more cost-effective and more comfortable "military training" sanitary napkins.
The reporter noted that the second batch of “military training-only” sanitary napkins will be sold out. Manager Shen said that the supermarket can purchase goods from the supplier at any time, and the source of supply is very close to the school. In addition, the supermarket said that it will contact several purchasers next year, and then lower the price through commercial competition. At the same time, it will choose more different types of sanitary napkins for students to choose and better serve the students.
In the supermarket near Chengdu University, there were also slogans such as “Military Training Artifact” and “Military Training Special”. Many freshmen were selected under the recommendation of the guide. It is understood that the supermarket will carry out such publicity every year in the new school season, and the sales of “military training” sanitary napkins have also been good.
The picture shows a sanitary napkin with the words "military training artifact" written in a supermarket. The sanitary napkin with the words "military training artifact" written in a supermarket.
Freshman: A little bit 尴尬 When the insole is comfortable with the feet
The reporter learned that in order to be courageous! Military training boys usually go shopping with roommates or classmates to buy sanitary napkins. Sichuan Agricultural University Chengdu Campus 2017 freshman Zhong Lingjie (pseudonym) told reporters that he was competing with eighty-nine students to buy "military training-specific" sanitary napkins. "Because boys are buying alone, it will feel very strange. Let's buy together and buy each other. If you are asked, "How did you get to know this product?" He said that he learned from the experience of the brothers and sisters in the new group. "They told us to put this in the shoes." It will be much more comfortable."
“The boys buy sanitary napkins for use as insoles, because it not only absorbs sweat but also is soft, and the cushion is comfortable on the feet.” In the supermarket, a newcomer Lei Minhui (a pseudonym) who came to buy daily necessities told reporters that In my own dormitory, some students also purchased a special sanitary napkin for military training for girls. After using it, the experience was quite satisfactory. “The campus supermarket is very intimate, the cost of sanitary napkins and the differences in the size of shoes for boys and girls are taken into account. I think it’s quite novel and I want to feel it.”
2017-level freshman Huang Manxin (a pseudonym) told reporters that I originally planned to buy insoles. Some students still use special insoles, but in fact the difference between the two is not big. So I bought a sanitary napkin for military training. It is still very effective." Respondents said that although buying sanitary napkins would be a bit embarrassing, at least the feet would be more comfortable.
The picture shows the freshmen showing the military training shoes with sanitary napkins. The freshman shows the reporters the military training shoes with sanitary napkins.
"Our bedroom is under my recommendation, and all six people are using it. After the artifact is placed, it is much better than before." The reporter came to the military training scene of Chengdu University, and the freshman of the school, Yu Chao (a pseudonym) told reporters that Boys, usually do not choose to go to the store to buy, mostly "scholar training artifacts" purchased with the introduction and help of the sister.
The reporter learned that in the new population, the phenomenon of sanitary napkins as insoles is very common. Many freshmen said that they have already started using military training in high school. Many freshmen have already prepared various "artifacts" before the military training, and they have emerged in an endless stream. "The military training is long, I am afraid that I can't pass it." "Everyone is using this, I want to try it too." "Students are very early in military training, strongly recommended" and other reasons, but also let the new students "eight immortals across the sea, each show ", have been with the instructors.
Assistant to the head of the new class at Chengdu University, junior school student Tao Wei (a pseudonym) said that although the sanitary napkin is a feminine product, it does not prevent it from being used in other aspects. "It was widely used in insoles during military training, and this is also the embodiment of its role."
"Sanitary towel insoles are more practical, can make the feet a little less sweat, the soles are a little softer, I think it does not prevent us from honing the will of the students through the various arrangements of military training." The school's new student counselor Chen Yusi (a pseudonym) told reporter.
“We used to carry out hundreds of kilometers of zippering and walking the mountain road. Because of the complicated road conditions, it will be used occasionally, and the sanitary napkin is warmer and more comfortable than the ordinary insole.” Retired university freshman Yuan Yucai (a pseudonym) told reporters that three During the recruit training of the month, he never used a sanitary napkin insole. He believes that during the new military training period, girls with weaker constitutions can use them, but other students use sanitary napkins and insoles are not necessary.
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