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There are many types of baby diapers to choose from. How to choose a better diaper is very important

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Core tips:Diaper machine At first, the mother and the father always feel particularly excited and nervous, and look forward to the baby's coming, and at the same time, because they do not know what to prepare for the baby, they are at a loss. For example, just a diaper, ther
At first, the mother and the father always feel particularly excited and nervous, and look forward to the baby's coming, and at the same time, because they do not know what to prepare for the baby, they are at a loss. For example, just a Diaper, there are diapers, diapers, etc., to buy "small pants" for the baby, but a compulsory course for novice parents.
 diaper machine
Diaper machine production line
The first child in life, parents will always want to give him all the best care, and as the first "small pants" for newborn babies, from material to size to pants type, all kinds of materials are After the notes, they are slowly finalized.
There are various styles of diapers on the market, and there are countless brands. However, when choosing, there are three types of diapers - diapers, diapers and pull-on pants. Let's take a look at them.
◆Part 1 diaper
Diapers are a type that is more common in the family. It is worn on the baby. The velcro on both sides can make the I-shaped diaper form a small trousers and hold the whole butt, so the baby moves. It will be less prone to side shift or deformation, resulting in leakage of urine.
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[Direct] Japan imported Ni Geng Genki Baby diapers S72 film Ultra-thin breathable small code
Japan imported Nie Piao baby diapers, its silky smooth texture, fully fit the small butt, can quickly absorb moisture and prevent side leakage. Non-woven waist patch with excellent breathability. The outer layer of the diaper is made of high water-repellent material, which is not boring and damp, and the baby is not easy to red butt.
Diaper machine manufacturer
[Korean version listed] Curious platinum diapers M72+4 pieces of baby diaper ultra-thin dry and breathable
The water-absorbing water layer is matched with the high-efficiency diffusion layer to absorb moisture. Soft magic buckle, and elastic waist, you can adjust the waist circumference multiple times to reduce the baby's tightness. Soft and thin absorbing core, the unique absorbent core forms a channel with water, and the moisture is quickly absorbed and evenly dispersed to help the air circulation.
◆Part 2 diapers
The biggest difference between diapers and diapers is that there are no velcro stickers on both sides. If the mothers are not very clear, the specific point is that it is similar to the style of Sanitary napkins for women, so the diapers need to match the elasticity. The belt can be fixed to use, the advantage is that you don't need to help your baby take off your pants. Changing the diaper when it is cold is not easy for the baby to feel the pull pants.
Ultra-thin diapers, strong breathability, large absorption, thin and thin can make the baby feel super easy and dry; special punching instant suction layer and cotton core quick-seeping positioning, immediately lock the moisture, long-term absorption, help small butt It is dry for a long time; it is specially added with natural vitamin E to help care for your baby's delicate skin.
There are always hot and humid red butt torment the baby, and love to give the baby a more comfortable and dry experience. Uniquely numerous breathable holes, effectively eliminate hot and humid air and prevent baby red ass. More gentle cotton, from the inside out to care for the baby's delicate skin, bringing peace of mind to sleep.
◆Part 3 pull-on pants
This kind of diaper is actually more suitable for babies who are learning to crawl or walk, because it is similar in appearance to the combination of diapers and underwear, and uses elastic elastic to fit the baby's waist to form a small underwear shape. At this age, the baby has more movements on the limbs. The integrated diaper has better fit and is less prone to side leakage or skew.
Adult diaper machine
Pampers / Pampers grade baby pull pants diaper XXL30
The longer the child is, the better it is time to change him into a pair of close-knit pants! The pull-on trousers from Japan have an intimate S-curve elastic soft waist, which gently wraps the baby's waist without discomfort, and has a strong stability. With a cotton diaper machine, it is soft and super-large. The ability to absorb water gives him a comfortable sleep.
Japanese Kao pull-up pants ultra-thin breathable toddler pants diaper L44 *2 package non-diapers
After the baby will turn over and love, it is more convenient than the diaper. It is convenient, better wrapped, and fits the baby's buttocks. It is especially suitable for nighttime use. It is not easy to leak urine. Needless to say, the surface layer is super soft to the touch, the baby sleeps in the pants, and the baby is relieved.
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