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Tips For Maintaining Your Paper Folding Machine

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine Tips for Maintaining Your Paper Folding MachineLike any other piece of equipment, a paper folding machine requires regul
Tips For Maintaining Your Paper Folding Machine
Like any other piece of equipment, a paper folding machine requires regular maintenance and cleaning. In order to keep your paper folder in excellent condition, you need to make sure that you maintain it. Here are seven tips for maintaining your paper folder or napkin paper folding machine.
Before cleaning your paper folding machine, be sure to turn the power off and unplug the power cord from the outlet. If the unit is not unplugged from the wall, it can be extremely dangerous. Whenever using a paper folding machine it is essential to ensure that clothing, fingers and jewelry are kept away from the moving parts.
When the unit is not in use, put the machine cover in place to prevent dust, paper particles, etc. from accumulating on the fold rollers. When dust accumulates on the fold rollers the paper will not feed as efficiently often leading to paper jams.
If paper particles, dust, ink, etc. accumulate on the fold rollers; it may cause the paper to fold improperly. Clean the rollers periodically to prevent this occurrence. The best way to clean the fold rollers is to use a gentle solution of soap and water to wipe down the rollers and remove any dust or debris from the rollers. This may require removing the paper rollers from the folding machine. However, some paper folders are designed to allow users to remove the rollers and others are not. If you machine is not designed to allow easy removal of the rollers (without tools) it is best not to remove the rollers.
If paper particles, dust, ink, etc. accumulate on either the paper feed rubber roller or the paper separator, paper feed performance deteriorates, causing paper to slip and possibly jam. Clean the rubber roller and separator periodically to prevent this occurrence. Again, the use of soap and water is the simplest way to accomplish this.
Periodically clean the paper feed tires to prevent marking.
Consumable products include: Paper feed rubber roller, rubber brake and paper feed separator. After considerable use these parts will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. You will know that the rollers need to be replaced when they become cracked and look worn or when they become worn smooth and are no longer efficient in grabbing paper (after they have been cleaned).
Even if you regularly maintain your paper folder, it is still possible to have difficulties. If you have cleaned all the rollers, replaced worn consumable parts and still have problems then you may need to contact a qualified technician and have your napkin paper folding machine looked at.
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