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Tissue or handkerchief: which is better?

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Facial tissue machine And now, with winter on the doorstep, we're starting to need those tissues or handkerchiefs to blow our runny noses and cover our mouths.But which one is better?
       As the weather gets colder we tend to spend more time indoors, trapping those germs and allowing them to spread from one person to the next. And now, with winter on the doorstep, we're starting to need those tissues or handkerchiefs to blow our runny noses and cover our mouths.But which one is better?The paper produced by non woven facial tissue making machine is usually made of 100% pure wood pulp without any chemical bleaching agent,the shape of the paper is generally square folded in half.
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       Pros: The most obvious advantage of tissues is that they can be easily and immediately disposed of after use.Tissues also trap germs, preventing them from spreading. The germs remain inside the tissue, which you then throw away. (Sneezing into your hands increases the risk of spreading the virus through e.g. hand-to-hand contact with another person.) And once the tissue is thrown into the bin, it's unlikely that someone will pick it up.

       Cons: From an environmental point of view, tissues are not the best option–tissues are made from paper and paper comes from trees. Environmentalists rightly argue that trees should not be cut down unnecessarily. A Health24 article emphasises that trees are good for our health and help to decrease the incidence of respiratory diseases in humans.
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       Pros: As indicated above, handkerchiefs would be the environmentalist's choice because of the lower impact on the environment. It is also cheaper in the long run as hankies can be washed and used over and over again. 

       Cons: Handkerchiefs tend to get damp after wiping or blowing your nose a few times. And keeping a moist piece of fabric, saturated with saliva and mucus, in your handbag or pocket for a whole day can be somewhat off-putting–as well as unhygienic.   

       Besides, handkerchiefs, especially after being used a number of times, can lead to germs spreading to other surfaces or even other people–especially since most of us don't wash our hands or use hand sanitiser every time after using our handkerchief.
       So, what's the verdict?Both have pros and cons, so it's entirely up to you."When you blow your nose, you are putting the virus into the tissue or handkerchief," said registered independent practitioner Dr Aaseema Mugjenkar.Automatic non woven facial tissue manufacturing machine uses stepless speed regulation for winding, which can adapt to high and low tension of the original paper.It is beautifully packaged and widely used, so it can be found in cars, desks, bedrooms, hotel rooms and so on.Paper drawing can also help to improve the corporate brand image, facilitate customers to remember the corporate phone, and thus improve the business turnover.The following picture is the particular message and the finished product of non woven soft drawn tissue machine.
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