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Tissue paper machine manufacturing Process

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine Tissue paper machine manufacturing ProcessRequired Materials: Basically tissue papers machine require softwood and hardw
Tissue paper machine manufacturing Process
Required Materials: Basically tissue papers machine require softwood and hardwood trees. The other things required for manufacturing process are water and some chemicals.
The Process: The outer layers of the trees are taken out and these are cut into uniform sized pieces. Then these pieces are mixed with chemicals and the mixture is cooked in tall-pressure-cooker.  The result of this process is a pulp. This pulp goes through a washer system and the washed pulp is bleached so that the color is removed from the pulp. And then the pulp is mixed with water to produce paper stock. Next, the water is drained out to create a mat. This mat is converted into soft paper through some drying process and made flexible. Then the paper is put into the jumbo reels.  This paper is then converted into paper log with the use of converting machines. The paper logs are pieced into rolls.
The tissue products should be manufactured with recycled Waste Paper or with 100% Wood and Bamboo from earmarked regenerative forest raw material sources and in compliance with all applicable Environmental Laws. Poly based Products are Recyclable. The time is now about to be up and we need to come up with renewable products. This is a challenge in deed and the way we respond to it could well determine the future of mankind.
Many people say that using of recycled papers reduces the quality of new products but we've been consistently giving out quality paper products developed from recycled papers. Recycled paper is widely available in numerous prime quality grades meeting the same technical directions as virgin (tree) paper. The standard of recycled paper has improved seriously over time.
Every tissue papers machine manufacturing company focuses on being part of the new green economy by considering preservative principles. In every business decision environmental factors have to play an important role.

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