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Top 10 Best Festive Paper Napkins for Christmas

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Napkin tissue machine Paper napkins made by napkin tissue making machine are a practical way investment for the holidays. Not only do they come in an array of colors and designs, they can also be quickly disposed of after a meal.
       Paper napkins made by napkin tissue making machine are a practical way investment for the holidays. Not only do they come in an array of colors and designs, they can also be quickly disposed of after a meal. Eco-conscious consumers will find napkins produced by napkin tissue manufacturing machine made with environmentally-friendly materials. Some napkins are even made from recycled paper.
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       Our list includes the best festive paper napkins for Christmas, whether you're looking for colorful cocktail napkins or sturdy dinner napkins.
       1. Cypress Home Merry Christmas Napkins
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       Paper napkins don't have to be flimsy. This holiday napkin set features a tri-ply construction for added durability. The package includes 20 napkins, each of which is made with recycled materials. The holiday design includes an array of red flowers and berries, pine cones and festive greenery.
       2. SLT Christmas Holiday Dinner Napkins
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       If you're looking for a set of festive disposable napkins, consider this package. There are 16 napkins inside, each of which is sturdy enough to be used for dinner parties or as guest towels. They're also soft and absorbent. Each napkin has a gold foil Christmas tree on the front, along with a red, green and white holiday pattern.
       3.Lillian Tablesettings Premium White Napkins

       If you prefer to invest in napkins that can be used after the holidays, consider this set of white napkins. The set includes 300 napkins, each of which is recyclable and disposable. The napkins are handy for dinner parties and holiday gatherings, along with a variety of formal and informal occasions. A tri-ply construction makes them even more absorbent and durable.
       4. Paperproducts Design Cocktail Napkin
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       Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate that these napkins feature biodegradable ink. They're also made with recycled materials. The set includes 20 napkins for use with cocktails and your favorite beverages. A festive holiday image calls attention to the center of each napkin.
       5. Michel Design Works Hostess Napkins
       works hostess paper napkin

       Whether you're hosting one dinner party or several, you'll want to keep these holiday-themed hostess napkins on hand. These specific napkins feature Santa and a holiday greeting, but you can choose from other available designs as well. The packages includes 15 napkins with tri-ply construction.
       6. C.R. Gibson Christmas Dinner Napkin
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       These paper dinner napkins feature a decorated Christmas tree along with festive holly and a red ribbon. The napkins are large enough to double as guest towels if necessary. There are 16 napkins in each package, each of which features tri-ply strength. The napkins are soft against the skin yet sturdy enough for cleaning up after a meal.
       7. Cypress Home Christmas Cocktail Napkins
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       Bring a bit of rustic charm to your home with these farm-themed cocktail napkins. The set includes 20 napkins in total. Each napkin features tri-ply construction for added durability. They're also made with recycled materials. A blend of farm animals and classic holiday colors, along with a Christmas tree, makes these napkins a fun choice for your holiday parties.
       8. Caspari Pepper Berry Cocktail Napkins

       These colorful berry napkins come in a package of 20. They're also biodegradable and are printed with non-toxic ink. Eco-conscious consumers will particularly appreciate how these napkins are made with environmentally-friendly raw materials. The napkins, made in Germany, feature a tri-ply construction.
       9. Creative Converting Touch of Color Dinner Napkins

       If you're looking for an appropriate holiday color for your dinner parties, consider this set of classic red dinner napkins. The package includes 100 napkins in total, but you can also go with the 50 count package. These two-ply napkins, made in the USA, are ideal for dinner.
       10. Unique Candy Cane Christmas Napkins

       This set includes 16 decorative napkins for the holidays. You can use them for a dinner party or any other holiday gathering. These napkins are even durable enough for use as hand towels. A charming candy cane design makes them a festive addition to any setting during the holidays.
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