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Valmet will supply a new Advantage DCT tissue production line to Papelera San Andrés de Giles

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine The new toilet tissue production line will fulfill Papelera San Andrés de Giles' demand of new capacity of high quality tissue products for the Argentinian market. Start-up is planned for the second half of 2018.
       Valmet will supply an Advantage DCT100HS tissue production line, including an extensive automation package, to Papelera San Andrés de Giles in Argentina. The new toilet tissue production line will fulfill Papelera San Andrés de Giles' demand of new capacity of high quality tissue products for the Argentinian market. Start-up is planned for the second half of 2018.Toilet tissue production line consists of three machines,which includes toilet paper and kitchen towel machine , toilet roll tissue log saw machine and toilet rolls packing machine.
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       "Our first contact with Valmet was at their Tissue Making Conference in Karlstad, Sweden in 2012. Since that moment, we have been convinced that Valmet's technology is what we need to differentiate and keep our position as a frontrunner in the Argentinian tissue market," says Mr. Sebastian Schiaffino, Plant Manager, Papelera San Andrés de Giles."Even more important is to work with skilled people within Valmet. This is a long-term partnership for us. Valmet has met, and exceeded, all expectations as an advisor during our cooperation," Mr. Schiaffino continues.
       "This newfound relationship means a lot for Valmet. This will be the first running Advantage DCT toilet paper manufacturing machine in Argentina," says Kent Nika, Sales Manager at Valmet. "Not only does this mean breaking ground in Argentina, but we are also excited to welcome Papelera San Andrés de Giles to our ever-growing tissue community. And of course, we are very proud that our capability to supply tissue mill equipment with superior technology, e.g. Advantage Visconip press, were considered as important success factors in their expansion plans."
       Both companies are now looking forward to step in to the future with a shared aim of realizing Papelera San Andres de Gilés' expansion plans and ambitions of providing high quality products to their customers.
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       Technical information about the delivery
       The new tissue machine will have a width of 2.8 meters and a design speed of 2,000 meters/minute. It will add 35,000 tons of tissue paper per year to Papelera San Andrés de Giles' current production of high-quality facial, toilet tissue and kitchen towels.
       Valmet's scope of delivery will comprise of a tissue production line featuring stock preparation systems and an Advantage DCT100HS tissue machine. The machine is equipped with OptiFlo headbox and Valmet steel Yankee cylinder as well as the Advantage technology including Visconip press, AirCap hood, WetDust dust system and SoftReel reel. The delivery also includes an extensive automation package with Valmet DNA, process controls, tissue line training simulator and Valmet IQ quality controls. Engineering, supervision, training, start-up and commissioning is also included in the delivery.
       Information about the customer
       Papelera San Andrés de Giles today has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of tissue for facial, toilet, kitchen, towel and napkin for the Argentinian market and surrounding region. The highly modern tissue mill, with its converting lines, is situated in the Buenos Aires province and has 150 employees.
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       The shape of toilet tissue produced by
automatic toilet paper making machine has a single square type of removable toilet paper, or is rolled into a drum shape. It is usually made of wood pulp, which is similar to the general paper manufacturing process, but it is extremely thin and extremely fragile. The fragility makes the toilet paper rotten when it meets water, so as not to cause blockage in the toilet.The cutting times of toilet roll paper log saw machine is 60-100 times/min * 2 rolls/time. The packing speed of toilet multi-rolls packing machine is 6-12 bags/min and the packing range is hollow roll paper and coreless roll paper(without flattening).


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