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Core tips:Diaper machine Bacterial, pH, and leakage are important indicators of whether a diaper is qualified or not. How did the diaper pass the test? Yesterday, the reporter accompanied the staff of the Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau to send 15 samples from the market
What are the hurdles for quality Diaper testing?
As a commonly used baby product, the quality of diapers is deeply concerned by parents.
Bacterial, pH, and leakage are important indicators of whether a diaper is qualified or not. How did the diaper pass the test? Yesterday, the reporter accompanied the staff of the Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau to send 15 samples from the market to the national paper quality. Supervise the inspection center and experience the whole process of inspection. The relevant staff also gave tips to parents on how to choose a diaper.
Secret detection process
1 Microbiological testing
The test room is subjected to ultraviolet disinfection for half an hour, and then the examiner is dressed as a surgeon to enter. The tester took 10 g of the sample with scissors, soaked it in physiological saline for a while, and took it out into the medium.
The tester said that the medium is equivalent to a nutrient environment for plant growth, with fungal culture medium, pathogenic bacteria medium, solid and liquid. The medium is then placed in an incubator at a different temperature to allow the bacteria to grow in a suitable environment.
When the time is up, the tester takes out the culture medium and uses professional tools for inspection and observation. It can be found whether there is bacterial growth and it is determined according to the quantity.
2 Chemical testing
Mainly test the moisture content and pH of the diaper. The tester will soak the sample in a container filled with physiological saline and stir it. After about 10 minutes, the professional instrument will be placed, and the value will be judged according to the value. According to national standards, pH values ​​between 4 and 8 are qualified products.
3 physical testing
Physical detection is relatively simple, including appearance, deviation, and permeability. The deviation includes dimensional deviation and weight deviation; the permeability includes the amount of slip, the amount of back seepage and the amount of leakage.
When testing the amount of slippage, the tester placed a piece of diaper on the side of the tester, pouring the saline from the top down, and placing the utensil under the diaper. If the brine is dripped into the vessel through the diaper, it is unacceptable. The amount of pour is determined according to the model of the diaper. The large diaper is 80 liters, the medium is 60 liters, and the trumpet is 40 liters.
The amount of back osmosis and the amount of leakage were tested together. The tester puts the diaper on the overweight test paper, then pours the physiological saline onto the diaper, and then puts the weighted test paper on it and presses it with the object. The amount of pour is the same as the test slip.
The tester said that the saline solution was divided twice, and it took 5 minutes and then a second time after the first time. After 5 minutes, put the test paper on it and press it for one minute before picking it up. After that, the upper and lower test strips are weighed separately, and the weight of the water immersion minus the weight before the test can be tested to determine whether the amount of rewet and the amount of leakage are acceptable. The test paper below measures the amount of leakage, and the test paper above tests the amount of back leakage.
How to choose a diaper
Pre-purchase optimistic logo after buying self-test quality
The staff of the Haidian Industrial and Commercial Bureau said that parents should go through formal channels when purchasing diapers. To see if the logo has a factory name, whether to mark the implementation criteria, etc. If it is an imported product, it depends on whether there is a Chinese logo.
Zuo Jianbo, an engineer at the National Paper Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said parents can also test the quality of diapers at home. It can be poured on the right amount of salt water or ordinary tap water. If there is water dripping down, it proves that there is a problem with the slippage. If the outside of the diaper is water or wet, the leakage may not be enough.
In addition, when choosing a diaper, carefully check if the edge of the product is soft enough. The inner skin of the baby's thigh is delicate, and if the edge of the diaper is too hard, it is easy to scratch the skin. The diaper has a uniform and thick texture, which proves that the product quality is good. If it is thick and thin, and the hand feel is bad, the urine may leak out in a thin place after use.
Red ass reason
First, the pathogen will cause red ass. Pathogenic bacteria not only cause skin irritation in infants, but once they enter the body, they are difficult to be expelled. If they enter the bloodstream, they may even cause serious diseases.
In recent years, the detection rate of pathogenic bacteria in diapers is very low, but the total number of bacteria and fungi colonies is seriously exceeded, which is also an important cause of red buttocks. Poor transportation environment and poor storage environment are the main reasons for the excessive bacteria and fungi in diapers. The diapers produced by some small workshops are not aseptically operated and can be directly contacted by hand, resulting in a large number of colonies.
Second, too high or too low pH can cause red ass.
Third, if the amount of slippage exceeds the standard, the baby's urine will seep out from the diaper, and the baby's skin will be immersed in the urine for a long time, and the red buttocks will easily appear. Similarly, if the amount of re-infiltration exceeds the standard, the urine will also ooze back into the baby's skin for a long time, which will also cause red buttocks.
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