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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Toilet tissue machine The range of household paper is relatively wide, and People's Daily life related to a variety of thin paper is called household paper.
       The range of household paper is relatively wide, and People's Daily life related to a variety of thin paper is called household paper. The main types are roll toilet paper, draw toilet paper, box tissue paper, handkerchief, kitchen paper, wet tissue paper, shoe paper, soft tissue and so on. Generally speaking, the process of making paper is almost the same. The general requirement of household paper is cleanness, sanitation, good water absorption, softness is good, some kinds of paper have certain requirement to wet intensity.

Raw materials of household paper:

Domestic paper raw materials are divided into primary pulp and recycled fiber pulp. Fibrous pulp refers to the process of pulping and reproducing paper with fibrous raw materials by paper making method. Recycled fiber pulp refers to a series of papermaking operations such as crushing, screening and purification of waste paper to re-create the paper process. If the original fiber is wood fiber, the supermarket paper packaging is labeled as the original wood fiber. If the original fiber is not wood pulp, it is usually marked only as primary pulp.

It should be pointed out that the raw material of most brands of household paper in supermarkets is usually wood pulp, but there is also a situation of greatly different prices. This is because some manufacturers use coniferous wood pulp, some use broad-leaved wood pulp, some use local pulp and some are imported pulp, and due to logistics reasons, their prices are also very different.

The recycled fibers used in the production of household paper are usually the white edge paper of some printing plants. It is not excluded that a few illegal factories use the recycled fibers after deinking for production. Therefore, when buying, it is better to choose the products of well-known enterprises and big brands, because it is related to our health after all.

In addition, there is a trend that wipe paper is mainly made from recycled fibers, which are highly absorbent. In the supermarket, it costs a roll of 5-6, which is usually used to wipe lampblack in the kitchen. In addition, it will be widely used in airports, high-end hotels and other public toilets.

At present, in addition to the use of wood pulp, straw pulp and recycled fiber as raw materials for household paper, the use of bamboo pulp and bagasse pulp is also gradually increasing, and there has been the emergence of non-bleached natural household paper, labeled with the word environmental protection, clean, high price.

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