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What is the best choice for the equipment

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine Abstract paper is a set of practicality and beauty of life in a sanitary paper, now almost in any consumer places we have to use it, the use of paper and sales are growing. At present, the paper market prospects
 Abstract paper is a set of practicality and beauty of life in a Sanitary paper, now almost in any consumer places we have to use it, the use of paper and sales are growing. At present, the paper market prospects, competition is small.Investment do now paper extraction processing is a very good choice, for entering the pump of paper industry friends, smoke machine is has the certain knowledge of choose and buy, first you need to combine their own processing requirements to determine the purchase of equipment, in view of the industry in a wide variety, different criteria, guaranteed to purchase smoke machine, should from which aspects of understanding, dingcheng paper machinery in the industry for customers here on some for your reference.

First of all, before the purchase of a good machine to determine the model and size, model and size determines the price of the pumping machine, the same configuration of the case, the larger the width of the base paper, the higher the price of the pumping machine, for the choice of the model is generally 180 and 175 is the best choice, after all, the profit of paper towels is not very high!

Market according to the packing can be divided into soft pumping paper and paper boxes, paper extraction, the different between the two is mainly manifested in the form on the package, the production of paper extraction are produced by pumping machine, for the price of pumping machine basically see the size of the type and specification of smoke machine, which are frequently used in the market at present three rows, five, seven exhaust smoke machine, row number is different, the price also is different, the greater the number, the higher the price!

From configuration for, if have without embodying, a few rear frame, what kind of fan, whether be to change frequency, it is to decide the price factor of paper machine, so equipment of choose and buy should see the platoon number of the machine not only, more important is to see the configuration of the machine and performance.

The machine is technically a little more complicated than the toilet paper rewinding machine. If the choice of the pumping machine is not right is a pile of scrap iron, so you choose the pumping machine not only to the manufacturers, more important to the customer to see the site processing, listen to the customer how to give you say! If the manufacturers do good enough, good enough quality, we are not afraid of what customers say!

Secondly, users should not only look at the external characteristics and price of the machine when choosing the paper drawing machine, but also consider its internal quality, not to be misled by the exaggerated praise of the enterprise. A good suction machine is characterized by fast working speed, strong stability, long service life, the most important thing is whether the processed products meet their needs.

Again whether it is a good equipment in the process of using could not fail, in order to buy a high quality of smoke machine, can let the manufacturer to provide 1-2 home visit is best, visit to the site can see paper extraction processing process not only, more important is to see the stability of the machine, production speed and the production of finished products with and without defects, after all, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

In short, when we buy a paper machine, we need to understand well, more inspection, in the purchase of time will not be cheated. If you want to have a place in the local paper pumping market, you must ensure that the quality of the products produced by itself is excellent, beautifully packaged, which are related to the paper pumping processing equipment, so you need to pay more attention to the selection of the paper pumping machine.


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