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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Handkerchief tissue machine The toilet paper rewinder is a special equipment for the production of toilet paper and an indispensable machine for the processing of toilet paper
       The toilet paper rewinder is a special equipment for the production of toilet paper and an indispensable machine for the processing of toilet paper. At the beginning of the business, we may not be very clear about which type of toilet paper rewinder is selected. Which toilet paper rewinding machine is selected? Suitable? here we come to find out.


For automatic toilet paper equipment, no matter which manufacturer, the function of processing the toilet paper is similar, but the difference is the quality of the materials and accessories used in the production of the machine, which determines the quality of the machine and the service life. For example, the sharpness of the punching knife on the winder affects the smoothness of the production and the appearance of the paper roll. The adjustment of the position affects the degree of adjustment of the production and affects the satisfaction of our customers' needs.


For those who have just contacted the processing of toilet paper, it is recommended to choose the 1880 model toilet paper rewinder. The price of the 1880 toilet paper rewinder is not high, the investment funds are not large, the degree of automation is high, and the requirements for the factory are not high. For the first time contact, It is easy to get started; if you want to expand the production scale at home, the 3600 or 3000 automatic toilet paper rewinder is undoubtedly the best choice. After all, it has been used for toilet paper production and processing, and has a comprehensive control over the whole market. Force, ready to produce products can be sold, from the model point of view, 1880 model automatic toilet paper rewinder can process less than 2.2 meters of raw paper; functionally speaking, the machine has embossed with pressure edge, can also be Core roll paper and air core roll paper; speed, 1880 model machine can produce about 2 tons a day for eight hours; now the automatic toilet paper rewinding machine produced, the whole machine head uses two cm thick wall board, paper The frame parts are all made of 1.5 cm thick square steel. The machines are all double-stranded. The upper paper cylinder is larger than the standard cylinder. The size is 175*700. Easy, no manual lifting. The stability of the equipment and the high efficiency of production make the operation more convenient and faster, greatly improving the production efficiency, making us the most suitable choice for friends who are just in contact with toilet paper processing!
  We must purchase carefully when purchasing toilet paper machines. We all know that the price of one point is the price. The price of the equipment directly affects the quality of the tissue processing equipment. Therefore, when choosing the tissue processing equipment, we should not seek to be cheap or lose. Still yourself.


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