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Why are "yellow" tissues popular these days?

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Core tips:Tissue paper machine   Facial tissue machine What is more valuable is that this progress is not only reflected in the physical aspects such as raw material technology, but also in the spiritual aspects such as the pursuit of ideas.
       Why yellow tissues made by facial tissue making machine are popular?We need to figure out the difference between a yellow paper towel and a white one.As mentioned above, the presented paper towels because of adding the bleach white, why add bleach, part of the reason is that the market the influence of traditional ideas, think of the white things more clean, the other part is some manufacturer use inferior raw materials, leading to poor tissue product phase, in order to make up for it to add bleach to paper towels made by non woven facial paper machine to a "beauty".However, excessive use of bleach brighteners, fluorescent brighteners and talcum powders is likely to produce harmful chemicals such as dioxins, and these colourless, odorless, invisible substances, like formaldehyde in decoration, can cause our bodies to suddenly become "allergic" without even noticing.Dioxins alone can remain for up to 10 years and can become latent chronic diseases after many years, such as fetal dysplasia, cancer, heart failure and so on.Therefore, the change of color preference for paper towel made by V/N fold tissue making machine consumption from "white" to "yellow" is actually a change of concept in essence, from the original liking for the appearance of beauty and cleanliness to paying more attention to the nature of green health, which also conforms to the principle of pursuing healthy lifestyle in modern society.
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       So what's good about yellow paper towels?
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       Remember, "yellow" paper towels made by non woven facial tissue manufacturing machine are often more than just one less bleach process compared to "white" paper towels produced by paper towel making machine. They represent a shift in production philosophy.In terms of the recent most popular millet "yellow" paper towel, it is far better than the traditional "white" paper towel in at least four aspects.
       Raw material
       The non-stained paper towel USES cizhu from yongchuan, chongqing as the raw material, not only because its fiber length is between 2.4mm and 2.8mm, which has the characteristics of flexibility and toughness, but also because it contains a kind of bamboo quinone, which has the natural antibacterial and antibacterial effect.In addition, those undyed are those with two years or more of bamboo age. Since the fibers of two years or more are mature, bamboo fibers can be extracted better in the high-pressure and high-temperature process of late-stage pulping. In the process of too tender fiber pulping, they are easily destroyed.Ordinary white toilet paper is made from wood, not bamboo.
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       Environmental protection
       As non-dyeing is using bamboo fiber as raw material, bamboo is a renewable resource with a short growth cycle, which usually takes only one to two years to produce. As long as reasonable cutting does not damage the ecological environment, it can better promote the regeneration of bamboo resources.Ordinary white toilet paper is made of wood, which usually takes 9 to 15 years to grow. Perennial logging will lead to environmental deterioration, soil erosion and desertification, which will bring severe and even irreversible impacts on our living environment.Using bamboo instead of wood as raw material for paper making can greatly maintain the ecological environment and protect the earth we live on.
       enviro<em></em>nmental protection of yellow facial tissue
       Compared with traditional ultra high temperature chemical technology on white paper towels, without utilizing the "oxygen lignin off" process, with environmental protection way of physical fine screen 2, remove impurities, only about 150 ℃, the temperature of maximum keep the way of sinocalamus affinis bamboo fiber QiaoJin, reinforcing fiber flexible at the same time.The non - dyeing-fine spray process makes paper towels delicate and even, thin and flexible.No dyeing flexibility to achieve the industry standard 10 times, toughness to achieve the industry standard 2.16 times, casually used to wipe the face, fruit, do not worry about easy tear, which is far from the traditional white paper towel.
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       The bamboo fiber used in the non-dyeing paper towel has good air permeability and instant water absorption. The length of the bamboo fiber reaches 2.4-2.8 mm, making the non-dyeing can fully show toughness on the basis of keeping softness.At the same time, the industry's leading spraying process without dyeing makes the paper firm and compact, and the powder does not drop and the slag does not drop when used, so the experience is good.The 4 layers of non-stained paper towels are thicker, yet still soft in the hand, and the wet toughness is 1.54 times of the industry standard. It can absorb oil and sweat without fear of breaking. The skin surface will not produce residues when used, making the skin more fresh and healthy.And there is a part of paper towel on the market tear, easy to leave a residue on the face, experience is very unpleasant.
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       This shows that the "yellow" paper towel made by facial tissue V/N fold machine is really a leap forward compared to the "white" paper towel.What is more valuable is that this progress is not only reflected in the physical aspects such as raw material technology, but also in the spiritual aspects such as the pursuit of ideas.Businesses are paying more and more attention to safety and environmental protection, and consumers are also more and more pursuing health and comfort. It is no wonder that the sublimation of the concept of both sides leads to the popular use of "yellow" paper towels.
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