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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine Of all the restaurants you've been to, most of the small restaurants offer poor tissues, right?
        Of all the restaurants you've been to, most of the small restaurants offer poor tissues, right?

That's easy! Because the small restaurant profit is limited, of course, to provide relatively poor paper towels ah, and high-end restaurant income is rich, people here are very concerned about the quality of things. Smart businesses don't ruin their careers for a single bad napkin.

The paper towels provided by the small restaurant are mostly of poor quality. If you look carefully, you will find that those paper towels tend to fall out of the dust, and a wipe is easy to fall out of the residue, so the cost of paper towels is very low, the boss will not care about these, with low-cost paper towels to please customers, the best of both ways, why not!

Larger restaurants or restaurants offer towels as hygiene items, but towels are recycled. It's not clean. So now many high-end restaurants are in the use of Jane you color paper, good quality and affordable price, very popular. If they provide poor quality paper towels or towels, customers are concerned, the time will surely affect the business.

In fact, the health of the body is their own, why for the sake of cheap and damage their health? Most of the napkins in those small restaurants are very unsafe, not to mention how much fluorescein and chemicals are added, and the white powder and residue from the light is enough to cause concern. Therefore, small make up to advise friends to go out to eat in a small restaurant as far as possible to prepare paper towels. You can wipe your hands. You must pay attention to your mouth.

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