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Xinjiang Consumers Association announced the comparison of baby diapers

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Core tips:Diaper machine On June 1st, the reporter learned at the press conference held by the Autonomous Region Consumers Association that in early May 2016, the Autonomous Region and Urumqi City Consumers Association staff were in the form of ordinary consumers, in Urumqi, larg
 Nowadays, the styles and styles of Baby diapers sold in major shopping malls are endless. In order to allow consumers to scientifically purchase products suitable for the healthy growth of babies, the Consumer Association of the Autonomous Region has carried out a comparative test of baby Diapers. The "mark" of 5 samples in the sample did not meet the standard requirements, and one sample detected a migratory fluorescent whitening agent.
On June 1st, the reporter learned at the press conference held by the Autonomous Region Consumers Association that in early May 2016, the Autonomous Region and Urumqi City Consumers Association staff were in the form of ordinary consumers, in Urumqi, large supermarkets, shopping malls, professional markets, Sales channels such as specialty stores and online platforms, purchased 24 samples of baby diapers, including 24 brands including Good Trademark, Anerle, Pampers, Curious, Ques, Zhenyoubi, Kao, etc. And imported mainstream brands.
It is reported that the Autonomous Region Quality Inspection Institute Light Industry Product Inspection Institute is based on the national standard GB/T 28004-2011 "Paper diapers (sheets, pads)", the appearance, deviation, permeability, pH, delivery moisture, microbial indicators (bacterial colonies) Items such as total number, coliforms, total number of fungal colonies, and signs were tested, and "migratory fluorescent whitening agents" of concern to consumers were also tested.
The test found that among the 24 samples commissioned by the company, the Kao diapers and the children's brand promotion agency of the Japanese Kao Co., Ltd., which are sold by Xiyangyang Aiying Qiyi Sauce Shop, are sold by Hong Kong Manco International Paper Co., Ltd. Menshowlays diapers, LaCUTE Baby diapers from Japan Prince Nikko Co., Ltd., and Lorigie diapers from LDONGIMC, which are sold by Tianshan Department Store, and Quebec (Fujian) Career Development Co., Ltd. The “mark” of the five samples does not meet the standard requirements. The main problem is that the date of production, the number of non-executive standards, and no contact information are not indicated on the sales package.
Guangzhou P&G Co., Ltd., which is sold by Xinjiang Qiyi Sauce Garden Comprehensive Shopping Center, has a migratory fluorescent whitening agent (Pengxian diaper (4.2% of the total number of inspections).
Zhang Junjun, deputy secretary-general of the Consumers Association of the Autonomous Region, said: "From the comparison test, the overall quality of baby diapers in the circulation field in Xinjiang is relatively good, but the data difference between some indicators between brands is still relatively obvious. The test data is close to the national standard limit, and some domestic brand data performance is not lost to foreign brands, and the cost performance is higher."
Zhang Junjun said that the results of this comparative test are only responsible for the samples, and do not represent the quality of other models and models of the brand; any unit or enterprise may not use the results of this comparative test for commercial promotion or advertising as a result of written permission of the Autonomous Region Consumers Association. Content, otherwise legal liability will be pursued.
The Consumers Association of the Autonomous Region reminds consumers that when purchasing goods, they should choose regular channels and purchase diapers with complete marks and well-packaged products. Note the following points:
1. Look at the softness. As a daily necessities that are most closely related to baby's skin, the diaper that is too hard and too thick will be as uncomfortable as a knife. On the contrary, the soft and comfortable diaper will make the baby feel considerate and secure.
2. Look at the appearance. The outer layer of the diaper is mainly a film like paper cloth, which is used to prevent urine from oozing out. However, some brands of outer film have a greater degree of eccentricity and may have higher defense against extravasation of urine. But the disadvantage is that the touch is very uncomfortable, and it is easy to cause allergies to the baby's skin.
3. Look at the tailoring. The proper cutting of the leg circumference of the baby's thigh plays an important role in preventing leak detection. Choosing the elastic and finer rubber band will make it softer and firmer, and it will greatly improve the leakage prevention of the leg circumference.
4. Look at the thickness. Diapers do not affect their absorption capacity because of their thickness. For the baby, the thicker the product, the lower the comfort, and even the permeability of the diaper, causing skin allergies, eczema and other symptoms.
5. Look at the waist flexibility. The baby's abdomen, like adults, stretches and contracts due to hunger and satiety. The elasticity can be judged according to the difference in length and resilience before and after stretching. The larger the difference, the better the resilience and the better the elasticity.
6. Look at the waist stickers. Plastic stickers can easily cause skin irritation of the baby. It is difficult to remove the baby's skin accidentally. Especially when the baby is sleeping, the sound of the plastic sticker is very large, and it is easy to wake up the sleeping baby.
The migratory fluorescent whitening agent is a color conditioning agent with bright white and brightening effect, and is widely used in various fields such as paper making, textile, detergent and the like. For fluorescent whitening agents found in products such as paper towels, the state has strict regulations prohibiting the addition of relevant standards.
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