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"Baby language" truth: baby diaper pants are your fault

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Core tips:Diaper machine Why do I understand the songs of adults, but adults can't understand me? When I want to urinate, I greet my grandmother. I am suffocating, red-faced, lame, and embarrassed. She has no reaction at all. No, the urine is in bed, and she blames me again.
 The core of urination training is to establish conditioned reflexes. All training needs to be repeated, so both mother and baby must have patience. Your baby's habits are always related to the attitude of adults. If you have any problems with your baby, adults should review yourself first.
The baby has a sense of urine, and there are all active representations.
Why does my mother pee, and my mother will make a "squeaky" song? I want to pee as soon as I hear "嘘嘘", this is really the most wonderful song in the world, I listened and listened to it.
Why do I understand the songs of adults, but adults can't understand me? When I want to urinate, I greet my grandmother. I am suffocating, red-faced, lame, and embarrassed. She has no reaction at all. No, the urine is in bed, and she blames me again. When I didn't want to urinate, she was holding my leg. I had to let my urine, and the cold wind poured into the crotch, how uncomfortable! Why can't adults understand the baby?
Controlling urination is the animal's instinct
When the kitten opens his eyes, their mother will tell them to dig a small hole, put the excrement inside, or bury it in a soft ground. Animals have the instinct to deal with their own excrement, and people also have it. Traditional methods of parenting, regardless of the East and West, attach great importance to the training of children's excretion habits. Those who are raised by traditional methods, usually between one and a half to two years old, can control their own bowel movements, can take off their pants independently, and learn to use The potty, you can lick your own toilet before the age of three, and excretion is basically no problem.
Diapers make our animals instinct go backwards!
However, the prevalence of diapers has reduced the trouble of handling excrement, and the urgency of training the baby for toilets has also been reduced. Coupled with some new parenting concepts, excretion training has a negative impact on the baby's mental health, causing some parents to worry and not training their baby, thus delaying the time for some babies to establish excretion habits. Some babies are still three or four years old. Wrapped in diapers, you can't control your own bowel movements.
In fact, as long as we pay attention to attitudes and methods, do not let defecation training become a battered experience, it will not leave a shadow on the baby's psychology. If you don't train because you are afraid of leaving a shadow, you will squander it because of it.
Over-reliance on diapers, the baby is naturally excreted for a long time, and the development of the baby's body is not good. Early training helps the baby to feel his body and maintain a sensitive feeling. Because to control your own size, it is necessary to mobilize the relevant muscle groups and nervous system, which is a positive exercise. The baby wrapped in the diaper, after the urine is finished, the water is quickly sucked dry. For a long time, the feeling of dry, wet, cold and hot will become dull. Early excretion training is also good for bladder health, because if you rely on the protection of diapers, there is urine and urine, and the storage function of the bladder will not get good exercise.
Defecation training can not become abuse
As for when to start urination training, what kind of method is better to train, each mother has its own set, many methods are passed down from generation to generation, but the new mother of the new era will be more scientific and humanized. .
The urine and urine must not be the reason for hurting the baby.
Some mothers started training after the baby had just been born for 15 days, and some started from 3 months, and some started from 5 months. There is no certain, as long as they have time, energy, and when they can start. . The only thing to remember is that you should never turn training into abuse, yelling, threatening intimidation, or blinking, no matter what should be your reason for hurting your baby. At the beginning, the baby did not listen to the command, soiled the clothes, and added trouble to you. This is an inevitable thing. Other babies are the same, and there is nothing to worry about.
The urine must be the reason to praise the baby
The core of urination training is to establish conditioned reflexes. All training needs to be repeated, so both mother and baby must have patience. Mother must overcome the impatience and not let the baby feel fear. Every success of your baby should be encouraged in time to consolidate the successful experience.
Size is not a dirty thing
After the baby is drained, clean him, leave it for a while, let him bare, don't make fun of it and blame. Reduce the time of pad diapers and give your baby a chance to know his body. Exposed body is for both physical health and mental health. To make your baby confident in the body, not to be ashamed or unnatural.
The genitals are too tightly wrapped, and the parents are disgusted when cleaning. These are easy for the baby to have an incorrect understanding. "This part is dirty and only exposed and exposed when cleaned." This is likely to have a negative impact on his future sexual life. Since the distance between the sexual organs and the excretory organs is very close, there are many links in function, so "sex" and "excretion" have a relationship. If the attitude toward excretion is not correct, the understanding of excretory organs is incorrect and it is easy to affect the attitude towards sex.
Read "baby language" Learn to observe baby excretion signals
Excretion training is not only to establish good living habits, but also to have a great relationship with your baby's mental health. Correct treatment of excretion is the foundation of your baby's life.
Infant excretion sends a signal. If the adult is not sensitive to the baby's signal, there is no response. Over time, the baby's sensory organs are no longer sensitive and will not signal any more. Therefore, it is very important to observe the baby's excretion signal.
Little baby's action signal
Babies always remind themselves that they need to urinate by irritability or wake up. If you find that your baby is making some unusual sounds or movements, such as squatting, screaming, crying, sighing, deep breathing, swinging, shaking, turning, frowning, bowing, kicking, sweating, blushing, hesitation, muscle tension, exhaust, Yawning, a slight erection of a baby boy, etc., should attract attention. Each baby's signal is different. You can find your baby's specific signal through observation.
Mother's "嘘嘘" sound reflection
In the whole process of helping the baby to urinate, the mother's mouth emits a "beep" sound, and the stop is stopped immediately. This "beep" sound is repeated repeatedly, and a conditioned reflex is established. I have to leave a diaper for the baby for a period of time, so that he feels that the excrement is coming out of his body, it will wet the clothes, let him feel what is dry and what is wet.
Stool training is a bit more complicated. First of all, prepare a baby pot of the right size, preferably not metal, because the hot butt sitting on the cold metal will make the baby uncomfortable and psychologically resistant.
The potty is a good friend of the toilet
A special potty can be used when you are squatting. When the baby is in the stool, put it under the buttocks and use the sense of touch to establish a conditioned reflex. After successful bowel movements, the mother uses happy expressions and actions to convey pleasant information and consolidate the training results.
When the baby is about 5 to 9 months old, he has the physiological functions of controlling muscles, including activities such as controlling bowel movements. This period is also when the baby can sit up without the help of the child, you can start to sit on the potty. During this period, mothers must concentrate on ensuring that the baby can sit on the potty in a stretch, without shaking, drowsiness, or falling. Do not force the baby to sit on the potty, do not urge, try to let the baby relax, and allow him to give up. Don't be too persevered, too persistent is a misunderstanding.
Let the baby sit on the potty. This is the first step. Even if he only takes 1 second to leave, he should be praised. If the baby has fear of the potty, he can first let him sit in his trousers to eliminate the fear and discomfort; before the light butt can sit up, you can use the hand to heat the pot. At first, you can't ask for too much. You can sit for 2 seconds and succeed. Then slowly develop to 5 seconds and 10 seconds. When the baby sits on the potty, he can play with toys, play games with him, pull a large saw, clap his hands, stone scissors, etc. He can also tell him stories, talk, and amused. In short, he can sit on the potty and finally drain it to In the basin, it is victory.
Tip: no defecation, you can scratch
On the one hand, the abdomen should use force to squeeze out the waste; on the other hand, the sphincter that sticks to the anus and bladder mouth should be relaxed, so that the waste can pass smoothly. But the baby has no experience, sometimes it is not good, on the one hand, it is hard to squeeze out; on the other hand, the sphincter can't relax, the door is always unable to open, so that it won't come out for a long time. In this case, adults can gently scratch and relax, and they will come out. To teasing a baby can also help with bowel movements, because when the abdomen is tense when laughing, it can increase the pressure in the abdomen.
Some babies licked their stomachs and did not come out while sitting on the basin. They urinated on a pad. This is because when the baby is not diaper, the urine is everywhere. The adult is very angry, and the baby feels fear. He has a kind of consciousness. "You can't pee when you don't have a diaper. You can only pee when you put a diaper." This will develop the habit of only urinating on the diaper, and the urine will not come out without the diaper.
Therefore, the baby's habits are always related to the attitude of the adults. If the baby has any problems, the adults should review themselves first.
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