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"Cushion Man" has become an Indian hero, and Yue Ruyi is also protecting Chinese women

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Core tips:Sanitary napkin machine For women, there are special periods of a few days every month, "big aunt" "fake" and "coming"... But in India, women's menstruation is a taboo topic. The film "Cushion Man" just broke this taboo. The film is c
For women, there are special periods of a few days every month, "big aunt" "fake" and "coming"... But in India, women's menstruation is a taboo topic. The film "Cushion Man" just broke this taboo. The film is called "the world's first film about menstruation", based on the real life of India's "father of health" Arunachharam. In China, there is also a brand of domestic Sanitary napkins, which is the monthly Sanitary napkin!
Although the name of "The Padded Man" is wonderful, the movie is quite beautiful. Douban score 7.8, IMDB score 8.3.
In many villages in India, there are many women who can't afford pads because they are poor. They can only use dirty cloth, leaves, and even use earth ash to handle their own affairs. This can lead to infertility and even death, and only 18% of women can use pads.
"Isn't this stuff just cotton? The cost is very low. Why sell a few dollars!" After that, the male Lakshmi broke down the sanitary napkins he bought and started his own homemade sanitary napkins. ......
However, the sanitary napkins produced are always leaky and the suction is not strong. The wife refused to test for him again. The men and women in the village also said that he was a pervert.
No one is willing to help with the test. He hung a homemade "blood bottle" and stuffed the catheter into his underwear. Personally check the effect of the sanitary napkin to absorb blood.
I went into battle! As a result, the blood leaked, and the pants were full of blood. I had to jump across the chain and jump into the river. The original cotton-like thing inside the sanitary napkin is a high-absorbent polymer.
After many hardships, relying on a video explaining the foreign millions of sanitary napkin making machines, he finally designed a machine that costs less than one-third of the cost of sanitary napkins on the market. In the end, it also solved the physiological period trouble for 600 million women in India.
“Sanitary napkins are sometimes a bacterial bomb carried by women, which can cause a mild or severe gynecological disease at any time.” As a “close friend” of women’s physiological period, sanitary napkins are particularly important, their quality. Good or bad, determines the female reproductive health or not. Therefore, the monthly development of negative ion sanitary napkins has three health effects.
1. Effective adsorption inhibits bacterial growth: Active oxygen anions can adsorb positively charged bacteria and make them difficult to breed.
2. Bringing fresh and comfortable feeling: the active oxygen anion can neutralize the positively charged molecules with odor, and remove the odor from the source. The pure physical effect has no side effects.
3. Slowing down dysmenorrhea: The active magnetic anion releases 4~14 micron biomagnetic waves, which is beneficial to promote the metabolism of human new city, eliminate uterine toxins and enhance human body function.
Yue Ruyi believes that every woman is elegant and beautiful, confident and noble, so they should be given care and care. Especially in the days when the body is weak, you need to double your care. If you are with you, you can help women with menstrual health!
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