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Advanced and excellent disposable non woven facial tissue machine

       Disposable non woven facial tissue machine produces facial tissue with non woven, which is a fabric that does not require spinning to form, but with a oriented or random arrangement of short or filament fibers to form a fabric structure.
       disposable non woven facial tissue machine
       Disposable non woven facial tissue machine is equipped with the cutting paper on the transition roller, and the stepless speed regulation is put into the flat belt, which is transferred to the rubber roller through the flat belt, then vacuum-adsorbed and folded in different ways, and finally cut into the equal distance tissue by the spiral cutter body, and automatically count and place the entire output.
       detail of disposable non woven facial tissue machine
       Unwinding of raw paper: change the turning valve of the top pressure cylinder so that the cylinder pushes the synchronous belt bracket upward, and the straight pressure belt presses the paper roll up.The linear speed of the synchronous belt can be adjusted through the wireless transmission (note: after normal production, no adjustment is needed).
       disposable non woven facial tissue machine detail
       Non woven facial tissue making machine adopts electric pneumatic control and can adapt to high and low tension raw paper through stepless speed regulation device.The spiral blade can be adjusted to make the width of the paper tissue to meet the needs of customers.  
       non woven facial tissue making machine detail


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