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Advanced and noiseless automatic log saw machine for toilet paper roll

       Log saw machine for toilet paper roll is equipped with programmable controller to cut the long strips of sanitary roll paper into an adjustable hygienic toilet roll.The machine adopts touch screen to control the operation with production parameter and breakdown displaying on the screener.
log saw machine for toilet paper roll
       After a certain distance cut, the paper roll is automatically output and collected and pushed to a large rotary cutter.After the paper roll is placed in the two paper channels of the machine, start the machine and the long paper roll servo drives to the blade to cut off the equidistant specification, and then automatically send out.The cut out paper head and paper end can be automatically separated from the genuine paper roll. 
       detail of log saw machine for toilet paper roll
       According to the cutting frequency, the grinding stone automatic sharpening knife and the pneumatic device can extend the lifting span of the motor to make the braking position more accurate. The dust collector can absorb dust in the process of sharpening. It can make the blade blade grinding more perfect and reduce unqualified products.When the cutter rotates to cut the paper roll at high speed, it should make sure the paper roll does not move. 
       toilet paper roll log saw machine detail
       Before starting the machine, it is necessary to make a sanitary treatment on the surface of the machine and inside the machine so as to remove the scraps thoroughly. And check the lubrication system, paper knives and other loose or abnormal.
       detail of toilet roll log saw machine


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