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Advanced and noiseless double PE coated disposable paper cup forming machine

       Double PE coated disposable paper cup forming machine is used to produce disposable paper cup with double PE film coated paper, which is a paper cup waxed for frozen foods, containing ice cream, jam and butter and so on.And the expression is: PE coated paper on the inside and outside of the paper cup.
double PE coated disposable paper cup forming machine
       Double PE coated paper sheets are printed on the printing machine to make the cup pattern required by the customer,and then sent to the die cutter to cut into fan-shaped paper. The printed fan-shaped paper is placed on the paper rack of the cup machine, and it is pushed and rolled into the shape of the paper cup. The hot sealing paper of the cup wall is carried on the cup tray, and the roll paper of the bottom rack at the other end is sent to the bottom of the cup to be automatically blanched. Finally, the bottom of the cup is heated with the cup wall for knurling and sealing to paper cup.
       detail of double PE coated disposable paper cup forming machine
       The food packaging, disposable tableware (cups, plates, and cutlery) and bags sector is the largest end-use segment, as well as the major growth driver for biodegradable polymer consumption. This segment will benefit from local restrictions on plastic shopping bags and will achieve double-digit growth. Compost bags are the second most important end-use for biodegradable polymers. This market segment will experience strong growth thanks to the gradual expansion of composting infrastructure and growing interest in diverting organic waste such as leaves, grass clippings and food waste from landfill, according to the IHS Markit Chemical Economics Handbook: Biodegradable Polymers Report.
       HI-CREATE double PE coated disposable paper cup making machine has a unique appearance design, and the shell is easy to be disassembled for daily maintenance and cleaning.Double PE film coated paper cup can prevent the condensation water on the outside of the cup from causing the cup to soften.
       double PE film coated paper cup machine detail


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