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Advanced and noiseless full servo napkin tissue packing machine

       Napkin tissue packing machine is used to pack napkin paper,which adopts multi-function digital frequency control, PLC programmable control system makes the control more advanced, easy adjustment and maintenance.
napkin tissue packing machine
       Napkin tissue packing machine first pulls the plastic film, and the control of the drawing length of film is provided with two modes of fixed length and color label tracking.And then the stretched plastic films are sent to the packaging device through the vacuum film delivery system,meanwhile the other end of the paper napkin produced by the napkin production line is sent to the packaging device synchronously by the conveyor belt, which makes the paper napkin and plastic film complete the final sealing packaging. 
       detail of napkin tissue packing machine
       In 2015, the global sales of protective packaging products exceeded 14 million tons in volume, with flexible products accounting for two-third of these revenues. The demand for flexible protective packaging products is expected to dominate the global market throughout the forecast period. The growth of global e-commerce industry is playing an instrumental role in consumption of flexible protective packaging products. Almost every other product sold online requires a protective wrapping that can cover various types of surfaces and object shapes. Integration of void fill and wrapping processes for packaging operations in the e-commerce business will continue to prompt higher sales of flexible protective packaging products. On the other hand, the combined market share of rigid and foam products in the global protective packaging market is likely to be lesser than 35% through 2026. 
       Our machine can be configured according to the user's need to print code and code device, specification changes convenient and fast.


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