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Advanced and noiseless packaging machine for ventilate baby diapers

       Packaging machine for ventilate baby diapers is used to pack baby diapers,which is driven by full servo motion control system.The packaging machine is modular structure design and is suitable for single row or double rows packing.
packaging machine for ventilate baby diapers
       The machine is connected with the baby diapers production line, and the produced diapers are transported to the multi-row push device through the conveyor belt. The transportation speed is adjustable, and the single row can push 10-45 pieces of diapers, and then the premade bags are automatically combined and packaged through the other end to complete sealing. 
       detail of packaging machine for ventilate baby diapers
       “For the robot to extract the right number of diapers at high speed without changing their position, it is necessary that the products remain stationary during the extraction phase to avoid shifting the products inside the precompression station,” says Pallavera. “To achieve this, we have applied a motion law to the chain pinions so that the traversing tables run on linear guides and stop the extraction branch.”
       After integrating the kinematic part, the model is connected to the same central processing unit (CPU) used in the machine, a physical CPU connected via Ethernet to the personal computer (PC) where NX runs. “Now GDM can supply turnkey plants for the production of diapers at pretested and guaranteed rates and capacities, from 1,000 pieces per minute for baby products to 500 pieces per minute for adult products,” says Rossoni. 
       Our machine adopts the servo motor or counter to display the specification adjustment and rapidly changes the specification.The machine uses the second compression and is suitable for the package of large compression specification.   
       baby diaper packing machine detail


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