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Advanced and noiseless toilet paper and kitchen towel machine

       Toilet paper and kitchen towel machine is used to produce toilet paper or kitchen towel.The machine consists of embossing,raw paper holding unit,gluing system(for kitchen towel),perforating unit,toilet paper core collector,rewinding unit,log tail-trimming,gluing and sealing,controlling system,automatic finished paper roll pushing out unit,driving unit and adjusting fittings,finished products,printing unit.
       toilet paper and kitchen towel machine
       Full automatic core changing units,no need people to put paper core.rewind and auto-sending the finished paper, Rewinding reset can be adjusted immediately and can adjust any kind of paper tube.  
       toilet paper and kitchen towel machine detail
       After rewind formed auto sending finished tissue ,adopt new technology of imitating arm to push the finished products.Auto trimming, gluing and sealing,complete in once. Finished product leave with 10-18mm paper,so that can be easy to operate the machine,to reduce the paper waste,so that to reduce the cost.
       detail of toilet paper and kitchen towel machine
       Toilet paper machine adopts advanced PLC programmer technology,finished products in the rewinding process to achieve a variety of different loose after tightening. Soluting products for a long time away from the state of loose paper core.
       toilet paper and kitchen towel making machine detail






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