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Best service automatic disposable baby diaper making machine

       Disposable baby diaper making machine is used to make disposable baby diaper,which the baby diaper is soft, light and breathable.The making machine adopts the touch screen console to provide the man-machine dialogue interface and the graphical control.
disposable baby diaper making machine
       Cotton diapers have the longest history of all baby diapers, according to the market research and development trend forecast report (2017-2023) published online by China Market Research. In modern society, many families still think that cotton diapers are the best choice for nursing newborns. In addition to pure cotton diapers, similar products such as bamboo fiber diapers and medical fiber diapers are sold in the market.Disposable baby diaper making machine from HI-CREATE is assembled into a production line by many structural devices. With the operation of each structure device is coordinated,the production speed can be 500 pcs/min.
       device of disposable baby diaper making machine
       After the raw material is placed on converting wheel, it is transmitted to the SAP adding device to add the polymer quantitatively through the web wheel.And then through core wrapping,ADL cutting,core cutting,vertical folding,leakage protection pressing,final cutting,three rollers driving,tri-folding and auto counting to produce finished product.The machine is controlled by PLC program, and the servo spindle can be driven by adjustable speed.  
       detail of disposable baby diaper machine
       Disposable baby diaper is easy to use, safe and hygienic, no need to spend energy on making and cleaning. With the widespread use of baby diapers, baby diaper machine has a tendency of faster production speed and higher automation degree.
       baby diaper making machine detail


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