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Durable and noiseless production line for baby training pants


Production line for baby training pants adopts aggregate pulp feeding unit or forming drum feeding system to produce baby training pants,which is also known as trousers, toddlers.It is used as a transitional material for diapers and general underwear: it adopts the same material and structure as diapers, but can be worn out directly, and is more close-fitting and elastic than diapers. It is especially suitable for babies who learn to walk and have timely excretion training.
       production line for baby training pants
       Baby training pants making machine uses PLC drive system and touch screen for man-machine conversation. Both sides of baby pull up pants manufacturing machine are with leak proof cuffs.Material for stereo shield is cut and shaped by hot press on the equipment. It adheres to elastic ribbon to be formed for side leakage proof.
       baby training pants production line
       After the raw wood pulp is processed by pulverizing device and SAP applying device,net wheel moulds forming.The machine changeovers the material automatically, and the compacted cotton core is servo driven to the protective cuff laminating device and the elastic waist applying device to compound and make baby training pants after it is cut through acquisition layer splitting device.
       detail of production line for baby training pants
       The baby diaper machine production line is divided into four processes according to the completion process combination: molding and wrapping process, complete package process of absorbing core, installation process of three-dimensional anti-leakage accessories and finished product packaging process.For the machine of production line, because it is composed of many functional processes, the automatic control system of PCL + touch screen + servo + frequency conversion should be selected to ensure stable production, low failure rate and high product quality qualification rate.  



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