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Environmental big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine

       Big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine is used to make disposable baby diaper with big waist band,which the speed synchronization and phase synchronization are all controlled by frequency conversion motor PLC.Big waist band baby diaper is elastic, which can better fit the baby's waist and make the baby more comfortable to wear.
big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine
       After applying the polymer material, the wood pulp is mixed and moulded into a cotton core, which is then compacted by the sanitary paper.The slitting device cuts off the cotton core of the strip evenly, and rubber bands are introduced to form elastic waistline, which is transported by the pressure roller with the bottom film, front-back paste, left-right paste, hydrophilic cloth and water-repellent cloth to form big waist band baby diaper.
       big waist band baby diaper production line
       When you need to change the baby, you simply take the soiled bottom portion off by peeling it at the waistband and then snap another one with an easy hook and loop fastener onto the waistband.The clever design is made from two main parts and features a reusable waist band, adhesive edges, stretchy leg cuffs and a disposable bottom.They are described as virtually impervious to leaks' and can be taken off and put on with ease.Indeed, the mompreneur is so confident in her design she says it can even be changed using just one free hands-and its reusability means it cuts diaper waste in half.
       big waist band baby diaper machine detail
       Hydrophilic cloth is used on the core of the diaper to absorb the baby's urine.Water repellents are used on mulch to keep baby urine from leaking out.Defective products directly filtered out are received by the machine's cleaning device.
       detail of big waist band disposable baby diaper making machine


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