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High efficiency disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine

       disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine
       Disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine is modular in design and consists of many structural devices.Including Mill;Suction fan;Drum forming;SAP applying device;Core compacting device;Elastic ribbon unwinding device;Elastic waist applying device;Front tape applying device;Side-tape applying device;Cuff embossing device;R-cutting device;Final cutting device;Product folding device;Waste rejecting device;Stacker (to be ordered) and Safety door.
       device of disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine
       Disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine is used to manufacture disposable adult diaper,which is 
one of adult care products.Adult diapers are disposable paper incontinence products,which is mainly applicable to disposable diapers for adults with incontinence.The main performance of adult diapers is water absorption, which mainly depends on the amount of hair pulp and polymer water absorbent.
       disposable adult diaper production line
 Adult diaper manufacturing machine uses the high-pressured wind adsorption, the single-channel wheel shaping, bottom and top chooses the toilet paper as a foil.The pulp pattern is net type, which can be designed as order.
       detail of disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine
       Adult diaper making machine is a large machine production line, the production speed can be 300 pcs/min.Adult diaper is processed with various raw materials to provide professional leakage protection for people with different levels of incontinence, so that people who are deeply troubled by incontinence can enjoy normal and vigorous life.
       disposable adult diaper manufacturing machine detail


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