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Long-lived single packaging machine for handkerchief paper

       Single packaging machine for handkerchief paper packs single bag of handkerchief tissue,which is with programmable controller and man-machine interface,technical parameter and production breakdown display on screener.As per customer's request ,date printer and label sticker can be installed.
single packaging machine for handkerchief paper
       Handkerchief paper production line carrys handkerchief papers to pushing rod through the belt, which the transmission system adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed control and each cycle positioning is performed by the precision of dividing machine.And then pushing rod pushes a certain number of handkerchief paper to cutting film good sealed plastic packaging film for packaging, which is automatic punching and configuration and installation of various exterior opening automatic punching equipment.
       single packaging machine for handkerchief paper
       Most continuous packaging machines use thin film coils, which are characterized by ultra-thin, good toughness, trademark patterns printed beautifully. Because of the stress produced by the film in the process of printing, cutting and rewinding, the film will deviate when it is affected by the stress in the transmission process of the packaging machine, which will affect the conveying accuracy, color label detection and so on, resulting in the normal operation of the packaging equipment and frequent shutdown. Studying the film transfer system and solving the problems in film transfer will play an active role in developing various kinds of paper packaging equipment for daily use.
       Our machine adopts pneumatic paper loading device and intelligent temperature control device.Production date, production batch number and other character content achieves the ribbon printing machine automatic printing, and can adjust the character printing position up and down.Outer packaging film arc tear mouth adhesive label achieves synchronous automatic paste.


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