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New advantage rewinder and slitter machine for jumbo roll

       Rewinder and slitter machine for jumbo roll includes the unwinding mechanism, slitting mechanism and rewinding mechanism.It is applied to tissue folding machine,napkin machine and facial tissue machine.
rewinder and slitter machine for jumbo roll
       The rewinder and slitter machine for jumbo roll is one of the main equipment in the field of papermaking, which is used to cut, slit and rewind the original paper produced from the rewinding machine, so that the original paper reforms on the rewinding shaft of the rewinding machine with a certain width, diameter and tightness. 
       rewinder and slitter machine for jumbo roll detail
       The rewinding mechanism is provided with a marker which can leave marks on the base paper.The marker is a cartridge, and the nozzle of the cartridge faces a rewinding shaft. These inks serve as markers.When the finished paper roll is put on the carton assembly line, as long as the staff can see the ink mark, they can roughly know how much raw paper is left on the rewinding shaft, enabling the staff to receive the paper at the right time, thus effectively reducing the waste of raw paper and reducing the production cost of the factory.
       detail of jumbo roll rewinding and slitting machine


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