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New advantage soft facial tissue boxing and packing machine

       Soft facial tissue boxing and packing machine is used to box and pack facial tissue with paper box,which adopts packing forms such as automatic feeding, box opening, boxing, batch No.printing,glue spreading,box sealing, etc.       
facial tissue boxing and packing machine 
       The tissues produced by the facial tissue machine are transported to the packaging machine according to a certain number of specifications via the automatic feeding mechanism. The carton pieces at the other end are placed and folded into the open box shape by the machine. The pushing device pushes tissues of the same specifications into the paper box, and then the packaging methods such as making batch number, spraying glue and sealing box are conducted.  
       detail of facial tissue boxing and packing machine
       With wide packing range and convenient adjustment, fast switching among various specifications and sizes of facial tissue boxing and packing machine can be realized.The machine is with high automation degree,the machine is more user-friendly. 
       As the market develops over the next five years, Smithers Pira's research reveals four major technology advancements that are supplementing market growth:
       1.New and innovative materials enabling environmentally friendly packaging
       2.Advances in printing technologies improving product shelf appeal and print turnaround
       3.Anti-counterfeit and security measures—including RFID technology—creating new value-adding opportunities
       4.The development of coated folding carton grades to meet ongoing concerns over food safety 

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