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Operate flexible full servo making machine for paper core

       Making machine for paper core is the machinery equipment to make paper core,which is advanced in designing and convenience in operation.The machine adopts computer PLC control with remote control port.
making machine for paper core
       The machine fastens 1-3 bales of paper tape to the roll bar, passes through the gluing device for single-side or double-side gluing, and then goes to the winding device to wind the paper tube into 1-3 layers.   
       making machine for paper core detail
       Paper core making machine transmits suitable quantitative and wide paper tape to the winding machine head for winding into the required inner diameter and wall thickness of the paper tube.
       detail of making machine for paper core
       Roll core machine can automatically cut the rolled paper tube according to different sizes without affecting the operation of the machine. The paper tubes produced are used in various industries, such as chemical fiber pipe, film pipe, printing pipe, paper pipe, leather pipe, food packaging pipe, construction pipe, exhibition pipe, etc.
       roll core machine detail


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