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Stable property making machine for double layer napkin tissue

       Making machine for double layer napkin tissue is used to make napkin tissue with double layer producemahcine.The making machine selects 100% original wood pulp to make napkin which the capacitor is fine and smooth, it has good oil and water absorption.
making machine for double layer napkin tissue
       The raw paper is transported to the embossing device via flat belt for embossing printing according to different pattern requirements of customers.Then through the ring saw blade high-speed rotation, embossed semi-finished all into two.Then two semi-finished are transferred to the folding device of upper and lower layers respectively,which is turned synchronously by the left and right rolls and folded alternately continuously.Finally, the half-finished product is cut into the same size of napkin by the cutting device. 
       detail of making machine for double layer napkin tissue
       The embossed part of double layer napkin paper making machine is upper and lower structure.The upper roller is the convex roller,which the upper roller surface carves the raised pattern, while the lower roller is the mirror roller, that is also as the transmission roller. 
       double layer napkin paper machine detail


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