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HC-PU Automatic single toilet roll packing machine

Location: Default
Warranty: 1 year
Unit price: Negotiable
Min Order: 1 Set
Manufacture Time: 30Days average

HC-PU Automatic single toilet roll packing machine
Automatic single toilet roll packing machine 2

Function and Character

1.Servo motor driving, upper and lower belt pinch feeding, ensuring precise feeding.

2.Unique cylindrical wrapping avoids wrapping film deviation.

3.Multi-axis driving technology drives the reducer controlled by servo motor and inverter to make four independent driving circuits for feeding, hot sealing, cutting and steering.

4.The touch screen can keep several product parameters, unnecessary to set while changing wrapping size.

5.Multi movable ironing boards solves the problem of insecure sealing as a result of differrent lengths of rolls.

6.Feeding and push have the same power to ensure secure steering.

7.The machine signal cables adopt shielded ones to avoid interference at maximum.

Technology parameters



Packing capacity

60-120 units / min

Packing specification

Diameter less than 12 cm

Machine size(L*W*H)



6Kw, single phase 220V



Packing material

Cpp or opp etc.

Finished products:

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